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Schoenstatt international - welcome!

2014-07-31 18:07:12

org. Every part of the Church, and many others outside of her - believers or non-believers - have received Pope Francis` clear and hope-filled words. They are also words that motivate us to assume the responsibility we all have to build a world in accordance to the Will of God, in the strength of the Spirit and through the way of Christ. Cardinals and bishops, priests, men and women religious, novices and seminarians, families, the youth and elderly, communities and institutes have received this challenge to go out "onto the street" to take - not a utopian hope - but concrete deeds in living evangelization projects to all men and women wherever they may be. And if they are on the "outskirts" then we have to go there, with all the risks and dangers it may include. He repeats to us constantly: I prefer an injured church, because she goes out to serve, to a Church that is sick because of her self-absorption. Testimony to this can be found in the section of where on a weekly basis texts are selected which motivate us on our own pilgrimage toward the 2014 Jubilee. Undoubtedly, because we are the Church, these words are also directed to us. How happy must our Father not be with this missionary impetus which is given to us from the very heart of the Church! (Fr. José María García)

2014-07-31 18:02:39

BRAZIL, Ana Maria Pretto and Sr. M. Denise Mendes Ternes. The 20th of July holds special significance for the Schoenstatt Family in the Archdiocese of Porto Alegre.  The Schoenstatt Movement met in the shadow of the Tabor Maria Cor Ecclesiae Shrine to celebrate and give thanks for 28 years of the Mother Thrice Admirable's presence in the shrine.




2014-07-31 17:44:42

GUINEA-BISSAU/PORTUGAL, Sr. M. Paula Leite. For the third year running, the Bafatá Diocese in Guinea-Bissau from 7-26 July, welcomed ten youth (six girls and four boys) from the Schoenstatt Youth in Lisbon, six mothers and two fathers, and Rosana Silva from the Schoenstatt Women's Institute (Institute Our Lady of Schoenstatt).


2014-07-31 17:32:27

NOTICELAM. The Pontifical Council of Social Communications and the Department of Mission and Spirituality of CELAM are already transforming this alliance into a classic to accompany the South American continent’s bishops in their training in communication.  In this case, it is about the two upcoming seminars:  one for the bishops from Bolivia and Peru, from September 1st – 4th, in Cocabamba; and the other for bishops from Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela, from September 6th – 8th, in Bogotá.  Both propose the same theme that already runs through the inner workings of the Church in the world:  “Communication at the service of an authentic culture of encounter.”

2014-07-31 03:50:38

CHILE, Octavio Galarce. Twenty-five years passed in order to incorporate the statue of Vincent Pallotti in our shrine; it was the last of the elements or statues that all the Schoenstatt Shrines have in their interior. It was the gift that was promised and conquered by the Family for the celebration of these 25 years. Father Humberto Anwandter and Father Francisco García Huidobro contributed to greater knowledge of his significance and life through talks and very illustrative and interesting exhibitions.


2014-07-30 17:36:32

ROME, Ramón and Marité Marini. We went on pilgrimage to the headquarters of the Focolare Movement located in the City of Rocca di Papa as members of the General Presidency. For some it was a re-encounter with friends, for the majority it was a new, beautiful and rich experience.

2014-07-30 17:16:39

IN A FEW WORDS, Fr. Joaquín Alliende. It is known that a great English convert of the 20th century, Gilbert Chesterton, accurately demystified the 19th century image of St. Francis of Assisi. Perhaps we could ask ourselves responsibly, after the last one hundred years: does the image that Schoenstatters portray of Fr. Joseph Kentenich need to be purified or complemented?



2014-07-30 17:00:15

Sister María Julia Agüero. After four years of preparation to reach the desired place during the Jubilee year, a group of pilgrims from the Marian School of Santiago and from the Mother of God School of Temuco visited Schoensatt from July 8th to 18th.





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  • 31/07/2014 - 08:31 May each family rediscover family prayer, which helps to bring about mutual understanding and forgiveness.
  • 29/07/2014 - 09:29 May we be always more grateful for the help of domestic workers and caregivers; theirs is a precious service.
  • 24/07/2014 - 10:40 When one lives attached to money, pride or power, it is impossible to be truly happy.
  • 22/07/2014 - 09:22 The great threat in today’s world is the loneliness of hearts oppressed by greed.
  • 19/07/2014 - 10:00 The Lord loves a cheerful giver. May we learn to be generous in giving, free from the love of material possessions.

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