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Schoenstatt international - welcome!

2014-12-18 01:25:44

IN A FEW WORDS, Fr. Joaquin Alliende. At the start of October, from every quarter one could hear: "Our Mother will surprise us with great gifts." And so it was.  In our Schoenstatt Land, we experienced that the "Home Song" is a tangible and prophetic reality.  Rome allowed us to feel that the Church-family is the way of the future.  It will demand of us a vital deepening of the attachment with the "paternal principle" of the People of God, the Holy Father.


2014-12-18 01:08:16

PUERTO RICO, Edgardo L. Rivera. The Schoenstatt Jubilee Year has brought many blessings to the Schoenstatt Apostolic Movement, especially for the Schoenstatt Missionary Motorcyclists’ Club. One of these was the initiation of the first four members in Puerto Rico.




2014-12-18 00:21:11

ROME, Mons. Dr. Peter Wolf. A trip from Germany to Rome is carried out every year; the Diocesan Institute of Schoenstatt Fathers organized it, and it was also taken this year.  On Monday of the first week of Advent, they departed from Schoenstatt and Würzburg respectively in two buses.  Father Stefan Keller along with Father Wolf accompanied the bus from the basin of the Rhine River; Father Armin Noppenberger accompanied the one from Liefrauenhoehe.  They had a goodnight, and they arrived punctually at 9:00 a.m. on the following morning at Belmonte, where Father Georg Egle and Father Frantisek Jirasek waited for them.  The group of eighty people celebrated Mass, and Father Egle prepared them well on the motto of the trip.  After checking in at the hotel Tra Noi, they visited Saint Peter’s Basilica during the afternoon.  This time there were also some who were visiting it for the first time.

2014-12-18 00:15:10

ROME, Martin Emge/mda. “Live in such a way that others will be interested enough to ask: Why? Testimony.  The path of testimony. There is nothing more that can be added to this.  Testimony in everything.  We are nobody's saviour.  We are transmitters of the One who saved us all.  And we can only transmit this if we take up the life of this someone called Jesus in our own lives, in our flesh, in our history.  This is testimony.  Testimony.” The words of Pope Francis during the Jubilee audience of the Schoenstatt Movement on 25 October. These words were particularly addressed to the youth, but they also remind us of people belonging to the Schoenstatt Movement who live and lived precisely in this way. These are people who convinced Pope Francis of Schoenstatt’s mission, because his knowledge of Schoenstatt is personal, it comes from the people with whom he has worked and who convinced him. These are people who will support Schoenstatt in the coming century.

2014-12-17 23:23:37

ITALY, Calogero Tuzzolino. “...Pastoral help must be body to body. In other words, to accompany. And this means wasting time. Jesus was the master of time wasting, no? He wasted time to accompany, to allow consciences to mature, to heal, to teach. To accompany someone means to journey together." These words of Pope Francis, addressed to the family of Schoenstatt on October 25th, fully reflect the work that Father Ludovico Tedeschi has done here in Sicily and Italy, in these twelve years, he "lost time" with us, accompanied us, with simplicity, humility, walked along with us.


2014-12-17 21:35:46

JUBILEE REFLECTIONS, Sr. M. Elizabet Parodi. The encounter of the Schoenstatt Family with the Holy Father gave us more, much more, than a sequence of questions and answers.  I believe we can all affirm that we lived an hour of covenant, not only because the Jubilee was the great background which framed that moment, but because the entire encounter was conceived from the dynamic inner nothing without you, nothing without us.



2014-12-17 20:36:53

PRAY FOR ME, mda. On 17 December Pope Francis turns 78 – a few days after the 45th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood, which took place on the Third Sunday of Advent. What do you give to a Pope for his birthday, which he described as “a completely normal day”, a Pope who raffles his presents? You carry out his requests. Those who pay attention to what he says, or those who only took in the words he addressed to the Schoenstatt Movement during the audience on 25 October, will know a number of his requests: To read a passage from the Gospel, to study Evangelii Gaudium, to go out onto the streets and the outskirts of society, to place Christ at the centre and remove our “self”, to accompany people very personally, to renew the covenant at Mass and at Confession. Then there is a request he makes repeatedly, “Pray for me!”


2014-12-14 15:44:02

ADVENT WITH POPE FRANCIS, org. We celebrate the second Advent Sunday in the eve of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. As in every year we hear the call: Let us go out as pilgrim to meet the Lord! Joy for the poor, a feast for the people – let us prepare the way of the Lord! In his Jubilee message at the audience on 25 October our Holy Father, Pope Francis, presented an Advent inspiration … an Advent inspiration towards this Christmas and into Schoenstatt’s second century. Let us allow ourselves to be moved and challenged by it, and prove by deeds that we are going out to meet the Lord and the poor, motivated by the Advent gesture of this Pope – such as raffling his gifts and building showers for the homeless. This Pope who leads us as a Church, as a family, to be Advent in sharing what is ours, in going out from what is ours, and in thinking of others – in “motherly fatherliness”, as Fr Kentenich called it.

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  • 20/12/2014 - 09:00 If Jesus is to become the centre of our life, we need to spend time in his presence, before the Tabernacle.
  • 18/12/2014 - 10:18 The Lord put it clearly: you cannot serve two masters. You have to choose between God and money.
  • 16/12/2014 - 09:15 It is so important to listen! Husbands and wives need to communicate to bring happiness and serenity to family life.
  • 13/12/2014 - 08:30 Today is my anniversary of ordination to the priesthood. Please pray for me and all priests.
  • 12/12/2014 - 09:00 Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!

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