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Schoenstatt international - welcome!

2014-09-02 21:03:08

BRAZIL, Maria Clara Lovato. On August 20th, the Schoenstatt Family from Santa María gathered to celebrate the 65th Anniversary of the crowning and presentation of the scepter by Father Kentenich in Tabor Shrine and to present a replica of the scepter as a gift to the MTA for the centenary of the Covenant.  In 1949, the Father and Founder presented the crown and the scepter of the Queen of Heroic Childlikeness, but with the division of Brazil into two Provinces of the Sisters each one kept one of the symbols, Santa María kept the crown and Atibaia kept the scepter.  For this reason, all the Branches of the Family decided to unite in the spiritual and material conquering of  the scepter in this Jubilee Year.

2014-09-02 12:31:07

mda. When people now come from the street and walk along the hedge next to the Original Shrine, and then turn left, they suddenly find themselves directly in front of the shrine," Rector Egon M. Zillekens wrote. "Our German people get a shock, because they aren't expecting it. Our South Americans kneel down and pray. ..." The hedge directly in front of the Original Shrine, which made the area vey small, even hiding the shrine, has been removed. The immediate effect is that the area around the shrine has been fantastically extended. As someone remarked after seeing the first photos, "It becomes more and more beautiful, much brighter, much more open." "It has emerged from the shadows into the light, into freedom, it has a greater radius." The clearest statement comes from Argentina, "At long last there are photos of the Original Shrine from the front. Please send me one without people for my home shrine."

2014-08-29 18:49:11

ROME, mda. "Christ does not blot out cultures", Pope Francis stated during the first audience after his visit to Korea, his first to Asia. The obvious joy he found in the completely different culture of Korea, and his ability to communicate with the people of this and every culture despite not speaking their language, resonated in his words. Christ does not blot out cultures; he does not dissolve the differences and the typical characteristics of peoples and nations. "We can learn from one another, we can enrich one another", Pope Francis added. His vision of a universal Church united not in the lowest common denominator, but in rejoicing in our own characters while marvelling at what is different. This is the vision of the covenant of love. A covenant between peoples, between cultures, between mentalities. A culture of entering into covenants, where it is unnecessary to highlight individual characteristics, and where others are not seen as a threat, but as an enrichment. That is how Fr Kentenich understood internationality. A house in which this can be experienced symbolically behind each door is just reaching completion – the international Schoenstatt Centre in Rome, in Belmonte.

2014-08-29 17:47:19

AUSTRALIA, Bernard Toutounji. The Schoenstatt Movement in Australia – as part of their gift to Father Kentenich for the Centenary - recently concluded a series of formation days, the final theme on Father Kentenich’s role as the third contact point in the Covenant of Love. The Australian Schoenstatt Family has been offering formation days over the past couple of years in an attempt to form leaders for the Australian Church and Movement.

2014-08-29 17:40:48

PARAGUAY, Lala Rivarola. “As a baptized person, I have become an apostle, a witness of Christ, and that is the reason that I want to give witness to Him among men/women. I have met Jesus, I have experienced his love, his presence and his work in my life, and I have been transformed by him. That is the reason that I cannot refrain from taking him to others. Christ has chosen me, and he has sent me forth. This reality speaks to us that the attitude and apostolic spirit should be natural in us. Let us hear what Saint Paul says: “If I preach the gospel, this is no reason for me to boast, for an obligation has been imposed on me, and woe to me if I do not preach it! If I do so willingly, I have a recompense, but if unwillingly, then I have been entrusted with a stewardship.” (1Cor. 9:16-17). This is what the manual of the Catholic Missions Ciudad del Este 2014 states, and it is what more than ninety youths experienced.

2014-08-29 17:02:17

USA, Carlos Cantú. The Church calendar lists August 22nd as the feast day for the Queenship of Mary. Although it is not a holy day of obligation, the Schoenstatt Movement of the Brownsville Diocese has chosen this day as its special day to honor our Blessed Mother. This has become an annual event in the Brownsville Diocese and the entire Movement, with all its branches and the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign, come together as the Schoenstatt Family that it is.

2014-08-29 16:24:43

BRAZIL, mda. Gustavo Boacolo Nogueiro da Gama had his 25th birthday this passed August 18, 2014. On this same day, he contacted the editorial office of with the intention of motivating many others with something which has changed his life: the Men’s Rosary. This is a great current of masculine spirituality in Brazil and which (this is how he expresses his great desire) should spread to other countries. We spoke with Gustavo about his encounter with Men’s Rosary, its importance for the Church in Brazil and the social commitment it carries with it.

2014-08-29 16:22:31

COSTA RICA, Isidro Perera, Rudolf Sauter. The Feast of the Assumption of Mary – August 15 – coincided with “Mother’s Day" and a large number of mothers with their families, who had been invited to a Mass in their honor, congregated at the Movement’s principal gathering place.

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