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Schoenstatt international - welcome!

2014-09-29 21:51:18

PORTUGAL, red. In 1977 the Catholic Family Missions began in Chile inspired by the spirituality of the Schoenstatt Apostolic Movement. Over the years, these missions have spread out into many other Latin American countries, and wherever the Schoenstatt Movement is present as well as Europe and of course Portugal.


2014-09-27 00:38:08

ARGENTINA, Juan Ignacio Saravia/mda. A new application for Android cell phones is now available to welcome the 100 years of the Schoenstatt Apostolic Movement.  The application has been available since the 18th of September and it will accompany everyone who downloads it to their cell phones with varied activities until the 18th of October, to reinforce the missionary spirit and that of prayer in a totally special way, with the motto:  “Schoenstatt that sets forth”. The iOS version will be available in a couple of days.  “We have made this initiative concrete to invite everyone to prepare spiritually and actively for the 18th of October.  To do this, we made an Application for cell phones that invites one  to make a simple but noble gesture every day so as not to reach the Centenary unprepared”, the initiators of the Boys’ and Girls’ Youth from Cordoba, Argentina commented.  The application is available in Spanish, Portuguese, English, German, Italian and soon French will be added.

2014-09-27 00:26:17

MEXICO, Gabriela Tamayo. Like every year, the Schoenstatt Girls’ Youth in Mexico organized the National Conference that was attended by girls from all the states where Schoenstatt Girls are present. This year Queretaro was the host state, which was a great challenge and at same time a great gift, since there was much to celebrate: 100 years of the Founding of the Movement, 100 years of the Covenant of Love. The great desire was to accomplish unity among the girls and to crown the MTA as Queen of the life of each one of them, Queen of the Girls’ Youth, and of these new times. The ceremony was carried out with the presentation of Lily Scepter, the Mexican Girls’ Youth symbol and for which each little girl in her state was preparing. For this reason, the conference had to be very special, but much more importantly; it was the Jubilee celebration of the Mexican Girls’ Youth.

2014-09-27 00:21:26

ROME, mda. At a table to one side there were three small children of a young family busy with their alphabet soup.  They picked up an A, a B, an L and an O and they place them on the edge of the plate: A- B- O- L.  The missing R was taken from the plate of the younger brother:  “Arbol!” (tree in Spanish) the older brother shouts.  “There are things that survive through several generations,” my friend opined; and instead of celebrating memories of our time together in the Schoenstatt youth, we suddenly find ourselves with the alphabet soup and children’s television programs.  And again to the Schoenstatt youth.  “Rome!” shouted the young boy from whom they had taken the R.  “Do you remember how we baked the bread with spices in the shape of the Saint Peter’s Cathedral, during vacation?”  What a time…bread with spices, in the middle of summer.  “And how we thought that there should pasta in the shape of the shrine?” “ ROME”. In Rome there are even some with Saint Peter’s Cathedral on the back.

2014-09-26 10:29:27

ROME, mda. Many will come registered, others simply will come and everyone is welcome!  The “shrine of all of us” in Rome, waits for Jubilee pilgrims coming either from Schoenstatt or from Rome to meet with Pope Francis on the morning of October 25th. These pilgrims will be sent forth by him to the world’s streets as missionaries of a renewed Schoenstatt in the strength of a Covenant of Love, which is capable of creating a culture – a Covenant Culture.

2014-09-26 10:24:54

VATICANO, red. Following the call of Pope Francis of reaching out to the peripheries, the twenty couples united in marriage on September 14th in Saint Peter’s Basilica presented the Holy Father with a center for helping youth and families in difficulty.


2014-09-21 17:46:12

mda. We are reaching the finishing line of the Jubilee – the sign was given at the evening blessing at the Original Shrine on the eve of 18 September, because the feast, as Rector Egon M. Zillekens says, begins with vespers and the evening blessing. On this occasion the volunteers for 2014 each lit a votive candle and placed them around the Original Shrine. While in Schoenstatt and around the world more and more paper is produced, and more and more commissions organise more and more, what actually matters are two questions: What do we expect from the Blessed Mother, and where will I be at the Jubilee? I want to be there, as Fr Zillekens said in his brief address at Holy Mass in the morning of 18 September. He then related how people can be very personally "inside" while the covenant of love is being renewed at the beginning of the next hundred years of this river of grace and life "which lives on as vibrantly as at the beginning. We are amazed to see how profound faith in the reality of the covenant of love with Mary motivates and inspires our actions all over the world, and how it is the source of our fruitfulness and the practical form of our way of following Christ" (Message 2014).

2014-09-21 17:17:27

PARAGUAY, Fundación en Alianza. In-service for teachers has been offered beginning last year through "Porãve Paraguay,” an outstanding project of Fundación en Alianza (Foundation in Covenant) of Paraguay, because “we believe that a quality education is possible by making it a priority to train the teacher.” The aims are to train the teachers in three main areas: Reading – writing, Personal Development and Management of School Violence, and to offer space for training school principals to accomplish better community development and to strengthen their leadership.

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