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Schoenstatt international - welcome!

2014-08-20 18:58:27

JUBILEE ROME, Rosana Silva/mda. Since the beginning of the world, we human beings have been searching for paths: be it the way to happiness, a way to change one’s life, a path which is deeply connected with the desire of my own heart to expose a reality which is within me and which only I myself can feel. In this year of the Jubilee Celebration (1914 – 2014), God calls us to travel the way of the Jubilee together. Schoenstatt, through its children, is traveling this road that becomes a pilgrimage. Pilgrim comes from the Latin, peregrinus, which became pelegrinus in the Middle Ages. Per ager, “through the fields” and Por eger, “beyond the frontiers.” In the epoch of the crusades and the cathedrals, this meaning has experienced a profound evolution: a pelegrinus is a Christian who is in search of the sacred. With different words in religions and ancient cultures, a pilgrimage constitutes one of the strongest times of collective and individual religious life.

2014-08-20 05:33:24

GERMANY, Sister M. Hanna-Lucia Hechinger. At the end of July, it became a reality: the pilgrimage from the “Shrine of the Merciful Love of God” in Borken (Germany) to the Original Shrine was carried out. The first two stages took place in the year 2013 from Borken to Bottrop and then from Bergisch Gladbach. And in July of this year, the last stage was carried out from Bergisch Gladback to Rösrath, Bon, Bad Honnef, and Waldbreitbach ending in Schoenstatt.

2014-08-20 01:46:38

TRIP TO SOUTH KOREA, RD/mda. His words move, inspire, question, call to action. His gestures speak just as loudly. Pope Francis' words and gestures form an authentic and inspiring message. His choice of vehicle during his five-day visit to South Korea has surprised many people in this country, where important people usually go out onto the streets only in luxury vehicles.

2014-08-20 01:26:06

ROMA, RD/mda. Recently, Pope Francis asked “the international community to protect all those suffering violence in Iraq” after the United States renewed military operations in the country. Pope Francis reiterated his request to all the devoted Christians of the world, so that they would pray for their co-religionists who are harassed by the Jihadists of the Islamic State (ISIS).



2014-08-19 10:44:24

GERMANY, mda. Cardinal Sin, the former Archbishop of Manila, always made a public appeal for prayer, known as a "Prayer Rally", for important intentions. In 1986 two million Philippinos walked through the streets praying the Rosary for the end of the Marcos dictatorship, which took place peacefully soon afterwards. Under the heading "Prayer Rally" people are gathering physically and virtually in these days to pray for the Christians in Iraq, or for the girls who have been abducted in Nigeria. Karin Schmitz from Sankt Augustin near Bonn has now started an initiative she has called a "Prayer Rally for Pope Francis". On a multilingual website she encourages people very simply to pray for Pope Francis.

2014-08-18 01:13:50

PANAMA/ROME, aciprensa. Pope Francis sent a message to the participants of the First Latin American Congress for the Pastoral Care of the Family that took place in Panama on 4-9 August, in which he explains that "Within the family, faith is absorbed together with mother's milk." In his message published by the Panama archdiocese on 5 August, the Holy Father asks: "What is the family?" and he answers: "Over and above its most pressing problems and its peremptory necessities, the family is a "centre of love", where the law of respect and communion reigns and is able to resist the pressure of manipulation and domination from the world's "power centres".

2014-08-17 16:38:56

ARGENTINA, Anahí Mariño. On the 26th of July, in a beautiful journey of faith, the tenth ConcePro Pilgrimage was held in honor of Our Lady of Schoenstatt in the Uruguay Department, province of Entre Ríos.


2014-08-17 16:23:51

ARGENTINA, Susana Llorente. On Sunday, the 3rd of August, the 80th birthday of Father Benjamín Pereira, a Chilean Schoenstatt Father, who has worked in Argentina for many years, was celebrated with great joy.



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  • 19/08/2014 - 08:02 한국의 친구들이여, 고맙습니다. 하느님의 뜻에 따라 저는 곧 아시아에 다시 올 것입니다. #Philippines #SriLanka
  • 19/08/2014 - 08:00 Thank you, my friends in Korea. God willing, I will be back in Asia very soon. #Philippines #SriLanka
  • 18/08/2014 - 11:00 So many innocent people have been driven from their homes in Iraq. Lord, we pray they may go back soon.
  • 18/08/2014 - 08:02 예수님이 지신 십자가의 힘을 믿으십시오! 예수님께서 보여주신 화해의 은총을 받아 이웃과 나누시기 바랍니다.
  • 18/08/2014 - 08:00 Trust in the power of Christ’s Cross! Receive his reconciling grace and share it!

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