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Schoenstatt international - welcome!

2014-10-31 20:13:21

ROMA, mda. It is twilight, a slight breeze blows and there is not much noise in the street;instead songs are heard. The Spanish visitors, who had entered the Belmonte area through the main entrance, were presented with an unforgettable view: the “shrine of all of us” was resplendent– simply resplendent with the glow of a chain of lights and spotlights. Singing Brazilian pilgrims were seated on the steps of the broad esplanade in a relaxed manner. “This is like the inauguration; we were here,” said María Paz Leiva from Madrid. “And now, after ten years, here we are again. We have been happily anticipating this for sometime.” Furthermore the early risings, the changes in airline reservations, the pilots’ strikes, the lost luggage, and a broken GPS in the rental car were all forgotten.

2014-10-29 21:58:57

SCHOENSTATT GOING FORTH, Sarah-Leah Pimentel. I returned home this afternoon and in the next few days will be reflecting on everything we experienced in Schoenstatt and Rome. So many graces, so many blessings. But for now, I just want to share the last photo I took in Rome - of Belmonte. The sun sets. The Jubilee days and celebrations are over. But in every sunset, there is the promise of a new dawn.



2014-10-29 21:38:17

SOUTH AFRICA, Bob Cole. The Schoenstatt Family of Durban experienced a great celebration at the Cathedral in Durban. The group built a "Home Shrine' at the foot of the sanctuary with lighted candles – very meaningful and most impressive, and also very Schoenstatt. Mass started at 10h00, Fr. Chris, an African Missionary working in the DRC focusing on the rehabilitation of child soldiers celebrated.



2014-10-29 21:20:42

BRAZIL, Renate Dekker, Mechthild Jahn. In Florianópolis there is no shrine yet – although this much desired shrine already has a “house of solidarity”, among the more than one hundred built in Paraguay, for families in extreme poverty. Nevertheless, the jubilee was celebrated in Florianópolis, in the home shrine “Sementes of Esperançã”, Seeds of Hope, with all those who want to have the Virgin in their home and on this 18th of October 2014, they established their home shrine.

2014-10-29 21:03:20

USA, Belsay Henning, Gustavo Mendez. October 18, 2014 was a special day at the Schoenstatt Shrine in Miami. One hundred years of the Covenant of Love were recalled and celebrated as a family. Hundreds of people came early to pray a rosary with the children and to pay tribute to the Blessed Mother. At eleven o’clock in the morning, the Archbishop of Miami, Thomas Wenski, presided at the Holy Mass; Bishops Fernando Isern and Lorenzo de León from Peru concelebrated.

2014-10-29 20:59:16

ARGENTINA, Clara Herbón. Blessed October 18th, 2014! Day of graces, day of Jubilee, day of Covenant, day of the Family. The small community of Villa La Angostura – the smallest of those who celebrated the opening of the triennium in 2010, with only three people – joined Bariloche for this celebration, and it was in charge of the music and the songs for the celebration.

2014-10-29 20:42:59

CHILE, Carmen M. Rogers. Not long ago, I thought the 18th of October 2014 had been the most important day of my life. But no, IT IS TODAY!! Today I awoke to the first day of the rest of my life, the first day of my second century of Covenant of Love, the century of the “Covenant Culture,” the century of “enshrining” of my people, of my nation, of my Church, and of my world.

2014-10-29 20:30:37

PARAGUAY, Fr. Oscar Saldivar. We probably still have everything experienced on this of October 18th, 2014, in our minds and in our hearts, 100 years of the Covenant of Love! 100 years of Mary’s proposal and of Joseph Kentenich and the sodalist’s yes!

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