Mount Regina,Mount Nazareth, Mount Mary



House Regina:

Mother House for the Institute of Our Lady of Schoenstatt (Haus Regina)
The Institute of our Lady of Schoenstatt is a secular Schoenstatt women’s institute for consecrated life, officially founded in 1946.

On 15 September 1977 they were recognized by the Holy See as a secular institute. Its members remain within their social environments and their main apostolate is exercised in their professions and presence in the world. According to their circumstances and concerns, they can also take up other apostolic activities within or outside of the Movement.

This house was inaugurated in July 1952.

Another house closer to the main road was blessed by Fr. Kentenich in March 1967 and serves as an extension for Haus Regina.

Further up this hill, Fr. Kentenich also blessed an old-age home for members of the Institute.

Patri Unita Shrine

The “Patri Unita” (United with the Father) shrine was blessed during the Easter of 1963. The shrine is the Institute’s spiritual centre. It is located behind the house and reachable by climbing an outdoor stairway to the left of the building.


Nazareth House (Haus Nazareth)

In 1969, the Family Institute bought the “Nazareth” house near the Shrine. It was first used as a house for Schoenstatt families and is now the headquarters of the Institute’s international leadership.

Family Shrine

The shrine is a symbol of unity for the entire Family Work, namely, the Institute, the Apostolic Federation and the Apostolic League. It was blessed on 19 September 1971.

Three characteristics deserve special mention:
– The statue of the Holy Family of Nazareth, a sculpture by W. Frey. Joseph and Mary are hand-in-hand. Their other hand rests on the Child Jesus.
– Our Lady’s crown has two intertwined rings as a symbol of the marital covenant and the covenant with God. This crown was blessed by Pope Paul VI.
– The net covered with photographs of many families’ home shrines symbolizes the unity of the families with their home shrines, with each other and with the Schoenstatt shrine.

Family House (Haus der Familie)

The Family Work was founded by Fr. Kentenich in the Dachau concentration camp on 16 July 1942 with Dr. Fritz Kühr. After the war, the first Apostolic League groups were formed.

While in Brazil in 1948, Fr. Kentenich wrote a letter which is considered to be the “founding document” for the Family Work. In 1966, the Family Work invited the Founder to bless a wayside shrine of Our Lady in the place where they hoped to build their centre. The present house was blessed on 16 July 1985.

It accommodates about 60 people and is suited to accommodate families.


Fr. Kentenich visited this hill in 1966 and said: “Let us place the hill at the disposal of the Blessed Virgin. She will own it. All those who come here and live here will be her property.”

Boys’ Youth Centre (Jugendzentrum)

This House was blessed on 18 July 1983. Its foundation stone was brought from a Roman catacomb.

The house is the spiritual centre of the Schoenstatt Boys’ Youth. It is also a meeting place and many youth activities are held here. This is the first house on Marienberg.

Tabor Shrine

The shrine can be reached by following the side path. It was blessed in 1992 and is dedicated to the Movement’s male branches.

House Tabor

The House belongs to the Institute of the Brothers of Mary and is open for retreats for the male branches of Schoenstatt. It hosts an exposition on Joseph Engling.