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Encarnación, primera palada
PARAGUAY, Sonia and Johnny Zaracho • The Municipality of Encarnación has donated a piece of land to the Institute of the Schoenstatt Fathers, and now it is time to build on it, physically and spiritually. The project is already well defined in stages. — One of the first stages of the project is the construction of multipurpose rooms with sanitary facilities. The “groundbreaking ceremony” took place on Sunday, April 14th, in the presence of the Bishop of Itapúa, Francisco Javier Pistilli, who initiated the event, accompanied by a large andRead More
Misa en la capilla de la cárcel de menores
PARAGUAY, Ismelda Vázquez • The Prison Pastoral “Visitation of Mary” continues to be full of enthusiasm and good vibes to continue betting on those who do not have so many opportunities, on those whom most people fear and even hate. They are beings who should be innocent, protected and guided by someone, either their family or the state, but no. They are not for that. None of them are there for that, they were raised in single rooms, among drugs, alcohol, violence, which their minds were normalizing. — Ooh, whatRead More
Gala Musical.  Representantes de Fundaprova
PARAGUAY, Ani Souberlich • Every year, Fundaprova (the legal entity that supports Casa Madre de Tupãrenda) finds it necessary to organize events throughout the year in order to support the expenses of the program that is developed at Casa Madre de Tupãrenda (CMT). In this way, we can keep the doors of our house open to so many young people who, upon their release from juvenile prison, need a place that welcomes them, educates them, and prepares them for life and all that “living in freedom” entails. — Since twoRead More
Empresas solidarias Ciudad del Este
PARAGUAY, Juan Vicente Ramírez • Starting this year, the Chamber of Commerce and Services of Ciudad del Este – Paraguay, implemented a new program called Distinction to Solidarity Companies, which consists of recognizing and highlighting the community and social work developed by the associated companies. — The outstanding companies would receive plaques of recognition that express the distinction of solidarity company of the current year, in this program the presence of the hands of our Blessed Mother of Schoenstatt is perceived, who uses us, members of the CIEES community (InternationalRead More
Asado Casa Madre de Tuparenda
PARAGUAY, Ani Souberlich • For a long time, we have wished that more people in Paraguay would get to know our house and come into contact with the young people who participate in our program and tell us about their daily lives. This exchange, this meeting of hearts, through which many more people can share and support this great work of mercy, because it is very different to only hear about something than to actually be there, and as our Father Joseph Kentenich said, “You only love what you know.”Read More
WJT-PIlger aus Paraguay in der Kapelle des Karmel, KZ-Gedenkstätte Dachau
GERMANY, Sr. M. Elinor Grimm/mfi • There are only a few days left until World Youth Day in Lisbon; many of the young people who are on their way there are already at the diocesan days, on pilgrimage to Fatima, or visiting shrines and historic places in Europe. For a good 450 of the young pilgrims from the Schoenstatt Movement, a side trip will lead them to Schoenstatt during these days, and some would also like to get to know the Dachau concentration camp memorial. — On Sunday and MondayRead More
Casa Madre de Tupãrenda y su primera graduación del 2023
PARAGUAY, Ani Souberlich • At the beginning of this year, we have seen great changes in the immediate environment of Casa Madre de Tupãrenda (CMT): the departure of Father Pedro Kühlcke and his departure to Germany, the dismissal of several staff members for economic reasons…. But despite all these obstacles, we have seen rays of hope for the program, which in the six years of its existence has already produced fifty-four graduates, joined today by four others who, with many sacrifices, have reached the goal. — Each graduation is aRead More
Misión IPS
PARAGUAY, Martín Ávila • In the first meeting of the Leadership Team, the presentation of the Mission of the Youth Ministry of the Rosary Campaign took place. They spoke about the personal encounter with Christ, an encounter that for the Christian is substantially given in the Eucharist and in the strength of that Sacrament when seeing Christ in others, as Jesus himself says in St. Matthew Chapter 25. In the specific case of the SSI Mission (Mission in the Central Hospital of the SSI – Social Security Institute): “I wasRead More
COSTA RICA, Lourdes Rosabal •  Last May, the International Congress of the Schoenstatt Family Work (CIOF) was held in Asunción, Paraguay, with the participation of more than 150 couples from the three Schoenstatt Family communities, as well as about 25 consecrated persons, including Schoenstatt Fathers, Sisters, and members of the Institute Our Ladz of Schoenstatt. The event was a success as the couples came from a total of 17 countries in the Americas, the Caribbean and Spain. There was also a special participation from Hungary and Germany/Poland with the presenceRead More
PARAGUAY/ SPAIN, Laura Toves • A few months ago we were surprised with totally unexpected news. We were offered to go to Asunción, Paraguay, for an international congress of the Schoenstatt Family Movement (CIOF). We were amazed, because we really did not expect something like this. Moreover, we imagined that perhaps the Family Federation wanted to send another couple. The truth is that we thought very little about it. This is one of those opportunities that should not be missed. — When the Paraguayan organization included us in a WhatsAppRead More