Dequeni: support education as a means to a safer and better country.

The Dequeni Foundation in Paraguay supports education as a means to a safer and better country.

The well-being, present and future needs of the boys and girls is the most important focus of the project. All of the activities organized have two main objectives: to meet immediate needs and give the children a better future.



Dequeni began as a Schoenstatt Youth initiative. On 4 May 1985, a group of young people belonging to the Apostolic Schoenstatt Movement in Paraguay took up the initiative to help working children in an area known as Calle Ultima (meaning End of the Road) in Fernando de la Mora. They organized catechism days and snacks on Saturday afternoons at the Miraculous Medal Chapel. On the first day, 33 young sweet and newspaper vendors arrived. In the youthful and community spirit, characteristic of young people, and moved by their love for Mary, a service to the poorest of the poor started in a simple way. The founders chose the name De.Qu.Ni, taking the first letters of the Spanish version of the scriptural passage from St. Mark’s gospel (MK 10:14) – “Let the little children come to me”.


The open centres are spaces where programs are organized for children, young people, adult street vendors and all those who run the risk of being subjected to child labour on the streets. The aim is to permanently eradicate child labour, improve working conditions for teenage workers and train adults to perform a trade. The community centres are places where the organized activities mainly benefit the children, but it is also a place where young people and adults can reflect, receive training and equip themselves to improve their quality of life by engaging in active, organized and systematic work. Dequeni provides the necessary tools so that communities can organize themselves and learn teamwork, motivating and accompanying them along the road to autonomy.

Solidarity initiatives – Solidarity Bursaries

DequeniAmong the solidarity initiatives Dequeni has carried out, many aim to create awareness on the topic of a solidarity society – such as the annual solidarity walk – and others that build concrete bridges between the benefactors and the children. Among these are the annual School Bursaries Campaign which are very popular.

For only 45 euro ($60USD), a child will receive a solidarity bursary with everything he/she needs – uniform, registration at a local school and the support needed to complete the school year.

The School Bursary consists of giving the children a backpack with all the books and stationery they will need for the year. The Foundation asks parents to register their children in order to receive the bursaries. The bursary also includes their uniform and shoes as well as educational support throughout the year at the foundation’s open and community centres. Halfway through the year, the bursary also provides a top-up kit.

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