Academy for Family Pedagogy – Schönstatt auf´m Berg, Germany

The Akademie für Familienpädagogik [Academy for Family Pedagogy] in Schönstatt auf’m Berg Memhölz prepares couples to transmit the message of marriage and family in a credible, convincing and effective manner.

A happy family life – lived out practically in today’s world and with all of its challenges and difficulties – makes the family attractive and worth the effort. Sharing this experience inspired families in Vienna, Austria to found the Akademie für Familienpädagogik. In 2000, the Akademie offered its first course in Germany in auf’m Berg. The 10th course started in 2014 and three more are planned for Memhölz, Münster and Kösching, near Eichstätt. So far, 63 couples from 16 dioceses in Germany have completed the course to become Family Facilitators.

Focus on the growth of each couple

How do we live as family? This is the core of the first year of the course. The couple works out the answer to this question during the first year, which becomes the content of their message. The presentation of this message is taught in the second year of the course: How do we teach the family?

At the end of the two-year course, the Family Facilitators can give better talks. They learn to listen and to discuss the desires of the speakers. They are able to organize and moderate events for families (seminars, workshops, family circles, retreat days), present topics that are relevant for families and counsel other families.

The training is based on Fr. Joseph Kentenich’s pedagogical concept.

Based on Fr. Kentenich’s pedagogy and in creating a network of Christian homes, Schoenstatt offers married couples concepts that have been proven by life. The couples who completed the course see themselves as the Blessed Mother’s instruments and believe in Fr. Kentenich’s pedagogy. They competently transmit this pedagogy and its practical application to marriage and the family, in the Church and the world of work.

Experiences and testimonials

“Our children should be able to speak about happy parents. This is what encouraged us to participate in the Akademie.”.

“It’s worthwhile investing in marriage and the family. It’s worth investing in the couple and developing the enormous potential of “us as a couple” and put into practice this joint potential with joy.”

“We have grown in strength as a couple while we were working on our topic.”

“In truth, both partners and their relationship grows deeper. The apostolic aspect comes spontaneously.”

Creative strength and interconnectivity

Various new projects emerged from the Akademie through the Family Facilitators, such as a “family dessert,” marriage preparation courses, the Joseph Kentenich School, an home delivery dialogues and a Specialist Course in the Pedagogy of Fr. Kentenich. Couples who complete the Akademie also look for, find, and create the widest range of projects for married couples, the family, the local Church and society.

Akademie für Familienpädagogik Schönstatt auf’m Berg belongs to a network of similar academies in Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Spain, Lithuania, Croatia, and Chechnya which carry out joint research, formation and ongoing training geared toward social development.

Original: German. Translation: S-L Pimentel, South Africa

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