The Matrimonial Route, Hungary

Vía Matrimonial

The Matrimonial Route is a 1.5 km lane through the forest whose point of departure and arrival is the Shrine.  Along the way there are fifteen stations which represent the different tasks, concerns and periods through which each couple must pass during their married life.  The tasks and texts which are found on the stations motivate the couples to reflect on their lives and to dialogue.  The benches they find along the way also invite the couples to remain seated for a while.  The matrimonial Route wants to help the persons reflect on their relationships so that the couples can meet themselves anew, discover their common vocation, educate their children well, and that they may enjoy a full and happy family life.

The Matrimonial Route is born from a suggestion from Father Tilmann Beller.  Many artists and professionals worked on its construction, as well as many families of the Family Federation in Hungary.  Along with the wooden stations designed with ceramic plaques, a guidebook with reflections and songs was created.

The stations

The 15 stations of the Matrimonial Route are:

1.    We have met each other forever

2.    Our home is our kingdom

3.    We give life – we receive life

4.    Love also hurts

5.    Difficulties help us grow

6.    Educating strong children

7.    On the midway of our life

8.    Together we are strong

9.    We are sent

10.   We remain faithful

11.   We allow our children to find their way

12.   Along with our previous generation

13.   We age and we reap

14.   Everything has meaning

15.   We give thanks

To renew the families

The Matrimonial Route was blessed by the family Bishop Laszlo Biro on July 3, 2007.  In his discourse, he said:  “the Matrimonial Route takes us from the Shrine toward the Shrine, as our life and our marriage does through many stations which spring from God in order to return to God.  The Matrimonial Route also reminds us of the Stations of the Cross where from the beginning, Jesus embraces the Cross.  Marriage also begins with a loving embrace and is also made up of encounters with children, with people who cry, with persons who nourish us as Simon of Cyrene, with falls and getting ups  and in the end, the radiance of the gift of life in the light of the Resurrection.  The stations of the Route want to guide us toward that prayer which is the source of all action.”

With the Matrimonial Route, the Family Federation in Hungary has made a project to renew the families and the entire country a reality.  Participants of the family workshops in Obudavar happily turn to the Matrimonial Route.  This Route also attracts families from other movements, couples by themselves and also family groups.  Families from parish communities come on busses to Obudavar to nourish and renew their lives on the Matrimonial Route.

Future vision

The Matrimonial Route is supported in prayer and sacrifice by the Schoenstatt families.  During its inauguaration, Father Tilmann Beller said:  I hope that the time will come when alongside each parish there is a Matrimonial Route. And that is how in the parish of Horvatnadalija,Hungary, a Matrimonial Route like the one in Obudavar has been built.  In many other places there are also preparations for the construction of Matrimonial Routes.  Schoenstatt Centers in other countries have also shown interest.

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