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BRAZIL, Cássio Leal, member of the editorial team • On 29 March we said goodbye to a priest who made history and left a legacy. Fr. Ottomar Schneider was well-known and much loved throughout Brazil. A man who “fought the good fight.” In his youth, when he was still a student in the Schoenstatt Fathers, he had the opportunity to meet Fr. Joseph Kentenich, an encounter that touched his life forever. —   Fr. Ottomar Schneider was a tireless Marian priest. He always went beyond what was expected ofRead More
BRAZIL, Schoenstatt Fathers and Editorial Team • He departed for the Father’s House on 27 March at 2:30 pm with forty-five years of priesthood given to the Church through the Schoenstatt Work. Fr. Ottomar Schneider died at age 82 with the rosary in hand, praying the decades in the presence of his community brothers from the Secular Institute of Schoenstatt Fathers. — Upon celebrating forty years of priesthood a few years ago Fr. Ottomar Schneider affirmed:  “I am a happy priest. I have never regretted for one second in takingRead More
VATICAN/BRAZIL, Lucas Galhardo in an interview with • On 19 March, the feast day of St. Joseph, Pope Francis will celebrate the fifth anniversary of his papacy. He will commemorate this day by listening to the young people at the Pre-Synod taking place from 19 to 24 March at the International Pontifical College Maria Mater Ecclesiae. Three Schoenstatters will be among the participants: Fr. Alexandre de Mello Awi, the secretary of the Dicastery for the Laity, Life and Family; Magdalena Hartmann from the Girls’ Youth in Germany as theRead More
BRAZIL, Joelma Melo • Being the salt of the earth and light of the world is a difficult mission and disturbing, which can become even more daring within a scenario of violence and sorrow, as is the case of a police station. In the midst of this environment of daily difficulties, Joelma Melo finds places to transmit God’s love. She belongs to the Schoenstatt Women’s Federation.  — Being salt of the earth and light of the world! I am a civil policewoman in Río de Janeiro, where I worked asRead More
BRAZIL, Sueli Vilarinho and  Karen Bueno •  The activities of the Schoenstatt family in Jaraguá, São Paulo/SP, began with much gratitude for the 50th jubilee of the Sion shrine. The day started off with the customary coolness of the region and the morning prayer from Heavenwards. This was the year’s first activity for the Schoenstatt Family, the opening of the activities planned for 2018. — Various branches and communities of the Schoenstatt work were present, as was president couple of the diocesan council, Flávio Manoel dos Santos and Regina CeliRead More
BRAZIL, JUMAS Porto Alegre • Apostolic fruitfulness! Those words best summarize the new JUMAS POA(Boys’ Youth Porte Alegre) project, whose first edition took place on 17 February 2018. — The Schoenstatt Family helped with raising funds along with Father Inácio, pastor of Our Lady of Assumption Parish, where the food was prepared, provided the great help necessary to carry out this project. The menu consisted of rice, pasta, and chicken, and pineapple juice. After preparation with youths from JUMAS (Boys’ Youth) who “got to work”, stockpots were delivered to aRead More
BRAZIL, Jumas Jaraguá • “Wherever Schoenstatt is …should there still be misery?” This simple and profound question was enough to awaken a concern and to motivate the Schoenstatt Boys’ Youth from the Southeastern Region, to go out to encounter their homeless brethren in São Paulo, from 9 through 11 February. —   But it was necessary to learn more and the response came from the contact with Fr. Ailton, regional adviser, with Misión Belén, who has worked in the capital’s center for some time and helps street people. The firstRead More
BRAZIL, Vítor H. Possetti • Children and teens from the Catarina Kentenich Educational Center/Children’s Shelter carried out inspiring acts of solidarity at the end of the year in Sâo Paulo. Helping the neediest Inspired by the Christmas spirit and the end of the year, the children and teens of the Catarina Kentenich Educational  Center Shelter decided to carry out different acts of solidarity throughout Sâo Paulo. The majority of them are members of the Boys’ Youth (Jumas) and the Apostles. In the shadow of the Mother and Queen’s Shrine inRead More
BRAZIL, Karen Bueno • Imagine that you live in Manaos/AM and you want to acquire a “little green book” of the Mother and Queen: the closest Daughter Shrine is approximately two thousand kilometers away.  Or, if you are in Campo Grande/MS and want to give a “Materttone” to a friend on Christmas: it would take more than 600 kilometers by car to obtain one. You do not have to go far…the simple fact of having to face the traffic and congestion could make the visit to the closest store very difficult.Read More
BRAZIL, Tadeu Lopes via • “Youth and zeal! Youth and fire! Youth and storm that urges!” JUMAS Brazil recently honored Fr. Kentenich’s words in Brazil’s new Schoenstatt Shrine. The youths proved their love to our beloved Blessed Mother by expressing their joy on the way to the Shrine before the dedication and in tears contained upon carrying the Blessed Mother’s picture to the platform. Joy, zeal, and young people… a winning combination With all the joy of going on pilgrimage from the Shrine of Jaraguá to Caieiras, the youthsRead More