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BRAZIL, Cláudio Medeiros, Jaraguá Family Federation • We often try to make the 18th of each month a special day to remember and renew our covenant of love. I think everyone has their own way of expressing this, so together with Marcio Gonçalvez from the Family League of Jaraguá, I found a somewhat unusual way to do this: In mid-December, while we were still thinking about how to get the spousal release that is so important and indispensable for this kind of event, we decided to set out from JaraguáRead More
BRAZIL, Cássio Leal •  Last week I accompanied a group of pilgrims from the city of Várzea Paulista, in the interior of São Paulo, to the city of Salvador in Bahia. — It was a pilgrimage to several historic churches, many built by the Portuguese when Salvador was still the capital of Brazil and belonged to one of the many Portuguese colonies. Bahia was the cradle of Christian and Catholic evangelization in Brazil, the place where the Portuguese arrived with their caravels in 1500. Saint Dulce of the Poor ThisRead More
WJT-PIlger aus Paraguay in der Kapelle des Karmel, KZ-Gedenkstätte Dachau
GERMANY, Sr. M. Elinor Grimm/mfi • There are only a few days left until World Youth Day in Lisbon; many of the young people who are on their way there are already at the diocesan days, on pilgrimage to Fatima, or visiting shrines and historic places in Europe. For a good 450 of the young pilgrims from the Schoenstatt Movement, a side trip will lead them to Schoenstatt during these days, and some would also like to get to know the Dachau concentration camp memorial. — On Sunday and MondayRead More
Santa Cruz do Sul
BRAZIL, Ruy Kaercher • On Sunday, June 18, a large number of faithful gathered in and around the shrine (or capela, chapel) of Santa Cruz do Sul for the Mass of renewal of the Covenant of Love and for a long-awaited moment: the enthronement and blessing of the statue of St. Michael by our ecclesial advisor, Fr. Leão Gomes da Silva. — Recall that the original shrine of Santa Cruz do Sul remained empty after the Sisters of Mary decided to abandon the shrine for which they were legally responsibleRead More
Santa Cruz do Sul
BRAZIL, Ruy Kaercher / Maria Fischer • “With the gift of the Spirit, Jesus wants to free the disciples from the fear that imprisons them in their homes, so that they can go out and become witnesses and proclaimers of the Gospel.” Thus, Pope Francis at the Regina Coeli on Pentecost 2023. Where there is fear, where the doors are closed, the Holy Spirit is absent. Despite much suffering and many a threat, the lay people of the first Schoenstatt Shrine in Santa Cruz do Sul never closed their doors,Read More
Día de Alianza en el santuario de Santa Cruz do Sul
BRAZIL, Ruy Kaercher, Maria Fischer • “You gather what I am aiming at: I would like to make this place a place of pilgrimage, a place of grace for our house and for the whole German province, and perhaps even further afield. All those who come here to pray shall experience the glory of Mary and confess: “It is good for us to be here. Here we will build our tents, here our favorite place.” Words from the first Founding Document that we Schoenstatters know almost by heart. Words thatRead More
Shrine welcomes caretakers
USA, Southern Nebraska Register • All are invited to a Mass at the Cor Mariae Shrine near Crete May 7 to welcome the facility’s new missionary caretakers, Matt and Sara Graeve. — The event will include Mass at 2 p.m. at the shrine, 340 State Highway 103, Crete, followed by a May crowning celebration and dinner at 4:30 p.m. The Graeves’ main responsibility will be to care for the Cor Mariae Shrine and Schoenstatt Center, and ensure that it can remain open for visitors. They will live in the houseRead More
Santa Cruz do Sul
BRAZIL, Ruy Kaercher/ Maria Fischer • “And we finally arrived at 1977, the year of the construction and inauguration of the Shrine of Santa Cruz, the sixth shrine in Brazil, the diocesan shrine of this land. We began this year with new enthusiasm and great conviction that this would be the year marked by heaven for special graces to be worked in this land.” Father’s footsteps generate life. “Precisely three days before the 30th anniversary of the Founding Father’s visit to Santa Cruz, construction work began on the shrine. TheRead More
Santa Cruz do Sul
BRAZIL, Maria Fischer • “What builds and maintains a Schoenstatt Shrine? I answer: hearts in Covenant with the Blessed Mother. That is the raw material of a Schoenstatt Shrine, abundant in today’s Chapel, or rather, in the always Shrine.” — Comment made by Luis Ventorini to the article about life around the Shrine in Santa Cruz do Sul that was published a few days ago. Hearts in Covenant with the Blessed Mother gathered once again on the afternoon of Covenant Day, November 18, 2022, as has always happened before andRead More
SantuárioCapela de Schoenstatt
BRAZIL, Ruy Kaercher • The activities of the Apostolic Movement, linked to the “Mother of God Chapel”, continue. Last 08/11/2022 we had the prayer of the Food Rosary; each participant brings non-perishable food that is later distributed to people in socially fragile conditions. — On the floor you can see the Rosary drawn, and on which the food that each participant brings is placed. After the Rosary, we gave part of what was collected to the Mãe de Deus day care center, which serves ninety-five children and operates next toRead More