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columbario, San Fernando
CHILE, Jaime Valenzuela / Editorial Team •  In a column for in January 2024 (published in German, Spanish, and Portuguese), later republished in the Chilean magazine “Vinculo”, Rafael Mascayano shared a reflection under the title: “I would like my ashes to remain in Bellavista”…, and he asks almost at the end of his writing: “Is it too much to ask that for these 75 years of May 31st, the idea of the construction of a columbarium or memorial in Bellavista could be thought of, deliberated and put into action?Read More
Los sacerdotes diocesanos de Concepción en el santuario de Montahue
CHILE, editors • Once again, the Schoenstatt Shrine of Montahue opened its doors for the diocesan clergy. On the morning of Wednesday, March 27, the presbyterate of the Archdiocese of Concepción gathered at the Schoenstatt Shrine of Montahue to celebrate the Day of the Ministerial Priesthood. — After the prayer of Lauds, Monsignor Bernardo Alvarez introduced the two priests from Nigeria, who this week joined the clergy of Concepción: Father Francis Umar and Father John Emeka. Afterwards, they participated in a moment of reflection by Father Fernando Lacaux, from theRead More
Cristo Redentor

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Peace in the heights

CHILE, Beatriz Letelier • Up in the mountains, high in the cordillera, peace unites two Latin American brother countries. Chile and Argentina celebrated a new anniversary of the unveiling of the monument to Christ the Redeemer, on the border between Chile and Argentina, at 3854 m above sea level, a symbol that reminds us that on March 13, 1904, 120 years ago, peace and friendship were sealed between the two countries. — Chileans and Argentineans, mainly, have been going up to Christ the Redeemer on the third Saturday of MarchRead More
MEXICO CITY, Gabriela de la Garza • Yesterday, February 24, we experienced a very important milestone for the history of the Schoenstatt Family of Monterrey, one more step in the desire to have another Shrine from where our Mother will shower abundant graces and touch many hearts. — In a very touching Mass, the foundations of the Shrine that is being built in the midst of this large and industrial city were blessed. That winter afternoon the sun shone in all its splendor, the wind blew softly and the warmthRead More
Primer CIS en República Dominicana
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, Catalina Bonilla • Last Sunday, February 11th, in the Victoria Patris Shrine, in the Dominican Republic, the first meeting of the CIS (Schoenstatt Introductory Course) was held with the participation of couples from different areas of Santo Domingo. — This encounter was the first of a series of three, whose objective is to show the participating couples what the Schoenstatt Movement is, its charism and all the gifts that can be received by being part of the Schoenstatt Movement’s Family Branch. The Sisters of Mary who reside inRead More
BRAZIL, Cássio Leal •  Last week I accompanied a group of pilgrims from the city of Várzea Paulista, in the interior of São Paulo, to the city of Salvador in Bahia. — It was a pilgrimage to several historic churches, many built by the Portuguese when Salvador was still the capital of Brazil and belonged to one of the many Portuguese colonies. Bahia was the cradle of Christian and Catholic evangelization in Brazil, the place where the Portuguese arrived with their caravels in 1500. Saint Dulce of the Poor ThisRead More
Kikí y Guillermo Tagle
CHILE, Maria Fischer • “Today, while the bells were ringing at 12:00 noon in Bellavista, our dear Kiki Quiroz de Tagle departed to heaven. The mass will be tomorrow in Bellavista, her shrine, her home, her home, her mission”. On January 17, this news went around the world. Whoever wrote it managed to summarize the life of our dear Kiki Tagle, of the first group of the Family Federation in Chile, in a few words. The Bellavista Shrine was her shrine, her home, her home, her mission…and beyond, as theRead More
Mary Cole, 2019, cleaning the altar of the Original Shrine
ENGLAND, editorial team • We knew she was sick, yet the news came as a surprise, when Father Bryan Cunningham informed and those who got the information forwarded it to so many others who had walked the way with Mary Cole: “Mary Cole died peacefully on Sunday 7th January 2024. Four of the friends who have been supporting and caring for Mary were with her when she died. It was only yesterday when Mary repeated to me: «It’s OK I am ready to go». — “She was ready in AugustRead More
Primera Misa
COSTA RICA, Maria Fischer • It is one of the Schoenstatt shrines with very open doors for priests and seminarians: the Shrine “Family of Hope” in San José, Costa Rica. On December 26, the newly ordained priest Fr. Edgar celebrated his first Mass there. — José Ernesto (Nicaraguan) and Fr. José Luis Correa concelebrated. The people present at the mass – families with children, elderly, young people – came with great enthusiasm to receive the blessing of the new priest. Father Edgar had already been at Mass in the shrineRead More
Parroquia Buen Pastor
DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO, Father Jean Marie Bisimwa Isaac • Father Jean Marie Bisimwa Isaac is the superior of the community of the Schoenstatt Fathers in Congo and the pastor of the parish of Bon Pasteur Kalundu. They are three Schoenstatt Fathers who have been working in this parish in eastern Congo for three years, taking care of the parishioners and the construction of the first Schoenstatt Shrine in this country. We asked: How is the construction of the Shrine being lived in the parish?  — The Schoenstatt Fathers arrivedRead More