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New ways of presenting the Message of Jesus

ARGENTINA, Guillermo Ferreyra •

Last Good Friday I had the opportunity to travel to experience the representation of the Stations of the Cross organized by the Adsum Pater mission in the town of Castelli, belonging to the diocese of Chascomús. —

What are Adsum Pater missions?

This activity was born a few years ago in the Shrine of La Plata, and is aimed at young university students, who dedicate Holy Week to this activity in which they combine a time of retreat and reflection with a time to go out to share life and mission. Its Latin name expresses its meaning: “Here I am”.

This year they traveled to the town of Castelli, about 150 km from the city of La Plata.

Vía Crucis

A moving and original Way of the Cross

Vía CrucisAs every year, the Adsum Pater missions put themselves at the service of the parish of the town they visit, assuming the organization and animation of different liturgical moments, among others the Way of the Cross that takes place on Good Friday.

This time they did it with a very original and creative proposal, inside the same parish temple, combining techniques of shadow theater, video projections, a choir formed by beautiful voices, accompanied by guitars and violin, with excellent arrangements and songs with very deep texts, which gave a framework to an incredible interpretation of young people who acted from the anonymity of the shadows.

I would especially like to highlight the scene of Jesus praying in the garden, where the silhouette of his shadow was mixed with images of situations of pain suffered by humanity today, while the choir interpreted the song “Night”, whose lyrics express a prayer to the Father pleading among others for the oppressed peoples, for those persecuted in the name of Jesus and their persecutors blinded by hatred, for the pagan nations that thirst for God, for those who suffer and agonize in a hospital, for those who sleep in prison, for the children who rest in their mother’s womb, for those who do not love us and for those who do not know how to love.

Let us give thanks to God for all the young people who, like them, dedicate their time and efforts to build bridges that bring us closer to Jesus. Happy Easter.

Grupo de Misiones

Original: Spanish. Translation: Marcela Fernández, Toronto, Canada

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