Misiones Familiares en Maipú

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Days of Heaven – Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Family Missions

ARGENTINA, Gaby and Gastón Zurrita •

On Wednesday and Thursday we shared with the Family Missions two days full of emotions in Maipú, a town that we have been missioning for 23 years. The reason for the visit: It was the 25th anniversary of the Family Missions in Argentina and we went there. —

We do not want to share memories, but concrete experiences, encounters with people with material and spiritual needs and so many with illnesses.

In each house that we visited, where the doors were opened, there the grace of God descended and we were able to experience Jesus incarnated in each brother, during those years that we went on mission.

We were only the feet, the hands of Mary, small instruments, we lent her all our senses, the ear to know how to listen and our tongue so that she could put the right and necessary words.

With the certainty that she will work miracles, we walked in joy together with a multitude of missionaries, more than 40 families, and countless young people by the hundreds who give their faith with their joy.

Con Tati y Carlitos y Mercedes y Juan Martin D',Agostino

The Zurrita with Tati and Carlitos Moncado, Mercedes and Juan Martin D’Agostino, and Fr. José María Iturrería

Queen of the Family Missions

Reina de las Misiones Familiares

Queen of the Family Missions

On Wednesday night we enjoyed a special commemorative dinner that ended in the Shrine with the enthronement of a new MTA picture that we crowned as Queen of the Family Missions.

During this time of prayer we shared our experiences as a family and our conversion and missionary vocation.

José Maria Iturrería who shared how his priestly and missionary vocation was born. And also the testimonies of forming missionary families of Tati and Carlos Moncada and Mercedes and Juan Martin D’Agostino who had been missionaries as young people.

Return to the first house visited 23 years ago

Personally, we were able to revisit that first house 23 years ago, where a young peasant boy with a beret and with a distrustful and compassionate air told us: “y quierie por aquí” (and what do you want around here?).

We ended up godparents of his newborn son, Franco, where we began a story that only God knows why.

We especially remember our missionaries of the community of heaven, Pancho, Leopoldo and Teresita, who from there are a guarantee of intercession for so much fruit.

Only words of gratitude to God that after so many years, pandemic in between, this way of loving and serving continues.

May God bless all those who in one way or another carry the Word of God and serve their neighbor.

Trinidad, la pequeña misionera

Trinidad Moncada, 4 years old, the little missionary for whom so many people have prayed

Misiones Familiares

Original: Spanish. Translation: Maria Fischer @schoenstatt.org

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