Letters for Mary


Shortly after Schoenstatt’s founding, the young men, who left for the trenches of the First World War, wanted to remain attached to their Shrine, this place of grace where they felt Mary’s and her Son’s closeness and the strength to reach out to others.  At that time without Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Email, they used the same tool that they used to remain attached to their families, to Fr. Kentenich and the other Schoenstatters.  They wrote letters.  They wrote letters to Mary.  The address that they wrote on their letters was that of the small Shrine in the Schoenstatt Valley.

Do you want to write a letter to the Blessed Mother today?

From near or far, in joy, concern, and upon going out to the encounter, a letter can be mailed to Mary.



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    “We fill the jars of the Shrine with our gifts”

    Throughout the year and from the ends of the earth, we are on pilgrimage to the Original Shrine – and we do not come with empty hands. We bring gifts.

    These are gifts from our apostolic work, gifts from everyday life, gifts of trust, gifts of solidarity, a heart wide open to the people around us, and for the cares, needs and intentions of people all over the world.

    We pray our international pilgrimage prayer in dozens of languages, in the shrines around the world, and in everyday life:

    We fill the jars

    with our gifts:

    with our gratitude and repentance,

    with our surrender and longing.

    Every letter to Mary is a contribution to the Capital of Grace. Every letter to Mary fills the jars of the Shrine.

    Nothing is too small to be taken into this powerful stream of prayer, trust and grace. And nothing is so big that it could overtax the prayer of the worldwide Family united in solidarity, or the effective power of the Blessed Mother.

    And when words fail, it is sufficient simply to write down the names of the people whose need robs us of speech, but cannot rob us of trust. In those names, the whole person is present.

    In addition to our requests, we also bring our thanksgivings, our self-surrender and our repentance. We bring our projects and undertakings, our plans and our entire lives in the covenant of love.

    Send your gift here directly to the Original Shrine. Directly. Directly into the heart of the Family and the Blessed Mother.


    The letters are treated with utmost confidentiality.  One of the core team of schoenstatt.org sees to it that all intentions are printed out and handed to someone at the Original shrine –  also confidentially.

    The pages are placed in the jar of the Original shrine and they are burnt on the following 18th.

    Letters to Mary, not a prayer chain

    This web site offers to send letters to Mary at the Original Shrine.

    It is NOT a prayer group or prayer chain.

    To request prayers and to pray for others:  www.mayfeelings.com – the network that prays,

    or send requests to prayer communities at the various Schoenstatt Shrines.