Mario Hiriart

As a student, Mario Hiriart got to know Schoenstatt; gradually, Schoenstatt’s spirituality began to radically transform his life and nature.

As an engineer and later as university professor, he felt called to live a radical Christian life and to unite work, faith, apostolic commitment, leisure, and prayer in an organic way. As promoter of an distinctive lay spirituality that is typical for Schoenstatt, he decided to join the Institute of the Brothers of Mary: he wanted to commit all his time, energy, and talents to make God present and able to be experienced in the contemporary world marked by the rhythm and laws of industry, research, and technical enhancement. In his lessons, in his apostolate among youth, and in his personal reflections he worked on an deeper understanding of and convincing response to the challenges imposed on Christian lay persons in a growingly secularized world.

At the same time he grew into a deep personal relationship with the Jesus to whom he offered his life as a living chalice, like Mary. At age 33, he accepted his terminal illness of cancer as a final possibility to give all for heaven and earth.


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