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Misioneros de Guanacaste
COSTA RICA, Hannia Espinoza •  A new year begins, and with it many important activities in the Schoenstatt Guanacaste family. — During the first days of January, two Pilgrim MTA’s were sent from the Family of Hope Shrine in Santa Ana. For this occasion, the group of couples number six from Guanacaste traveled more than 200 km to receive their Pilgrim MTA in the Schoenstatt group format and the second one in the work format. The second one will go on pilgrimage to a Costa Rican state hospital called HospitalRead More
Nakivale visit
UGANDA, Jean de Dieu Ntisumbwa / Maria Fischer • It was a real Christmas surprise in the parish of Nakivale, the parish of the Nakivale refugee camp in Uganda. The young and enthusiastic Schoenstatt Family, founded by a refugee from Burundi, received a visit from Burundi. Father Alain Amani, a Congolese priest, arrived after the second Christmas Mass and met with about 60 Schoenstatters, some of them from the Pilgrim Mother Campaign. — Jean de Dieu Ntisumbwa was in the parish of Buhungiro for Christmas preparations, and when he returnedRead More
Start of the Pilgrim Mother Campaign in Hulimaavu, Bengaluru
INDIA, Father Jerin Choondal • Trusting in Divine Providence and the continuous blessings of Our Mother Thrice Admirable, the Lord opened a new door for the Pilgrim Mother Movement in Bengaluru. — A group of mothers who belong to the Santhom Church, Hulimaavu, Bengaluru, received Our Mother and began their missionary journey of blessing with Our Mother. This parish is a Forane Church. It is known as the Pastoral Center of the Diocese of Mandya and the Regional Office of the Bishop of Mandya. God’s providence is such that HeRead More
Nuevo Schoenstatt
ARGENTINA, Marí­a Elena Cruz Sanchez • On October 1st we celebrated the 97th anniversary of the founding of the Secular Institute of the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary and being this date so special to give thanks, we want to give testimony of our recent trip to the Shrine of New Schoenstatt, in Florencio Varela, province of Buenos Aires, with the Mothers’ Branch of La Emilia. We are grateful because when we arrived at the doors of the Shrine, Sister Maria Ester was waiting for us on the walkway and herRead More
Monterrey Virgen Peregrina
MEXICO, María Luísa de Maccaferri / María Fischer • On September 18th, Covenant Day, we took the Metropolitan Pilgrim MTA, the Auxiliary MTA, to the parish of Our Lady Queen of Angels, in San Pedro Garza Garcia, in the metropolitan area of Monterrey, where she will stay for eight days. At that moment, a young woman, 28 years old, approached us to give a testimony that touched all of us. The person in charge of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign was fortunate enough to record the testimony of the wonderful intercessionRead More
WJT-PIlger aus Paraguay in der Kapelle des Karmel, KZ-Gedenkstätte Dachau
GERMANY, Sr. M. Elinor Grimm/mfi • There are only a few days left until World Youth Day in Lisbon; many of the young people who are on their way there are already at the diocesan days, on pilgrimage to Fatima, or visiting shrines and historic places in Europe. For a good 450 of the young pilgrims from the Schoenstatt Movement, a side trip will lead them to Schoenstatt during these days, and some would also like to get to know the Dachau concentration camp memorial. — On Sunday and MondayRead More
Schoenstatt Uganda Nakivale
UGANDA, Jean de Dieu Ntisumbwa • The Schoenstatt Apostolic Movement in Uganda, at Nakivale parish, Diocese of Mbarara, welcomed new members in a beautiful celebration on Sunday, July 16. The parish is part of the Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Uganda, one of the biggest in Africa. Schoenstatt began here a couple of years ago when Jean de Dieu Ntisumbwa, a Schoenstatt member from Burundi, arrived here as refugee. — Most refugees in the settlement are Congolese although the population is heterogeneous with many cultures and groups from different nationalities: Burundi,Read More
San Carlos
COSTA RICA, Flora Rojas • During an intensive weekend, the Blessed Mother glorified herself in the diocese of Ciudad Quesada. — With the participation of five couples, the first leadership conference was held in the area. Elementary topics such as the Good Shepherd, the pedagogical goal of Schoenstatt, the laws of organic growth, the laws of organic leadership, the pedagogical style, the practical faith in Divine Providence, the role of the leaders and the guides, and the guidelines for the encounter were discussed. The day began with the celebration ofRead More
SYRIA/ARGENTINA, via Aica.org • The Argentinean priest Enrique González, a missionary in Aleppo for more than three years, spoke to AICA (and La Nación) about “the hardships and strengths” of the Syrian people hit by the fierce earthquake. — “Trying to help, to alleviate the situation with the people around us, bringing water, food, coats, giving refuge and shelter to those who left their homes”, this is how Father Enrique González, from Mendoza, a missionary of the Incarnate Word Congregation (IVE) is living in Aleppo, one of the cities mostRead More
En Santiago de Compostela
SPAIN, Luis Ortiz • A while ago a patient of about 84 years of age arrived at the hospital in León. She had a brain tumour and had to be operated. I met her during my daily visits to each of the rooms. When I introduced myself as a religious service, the joy on her face was immediate! She asked for holy anointing and communion. The three sons who accompanied her were annoyed by the presence of the religious service to the point of telling their mother that it wasRead More