San Carlos

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The Blessed Mother also forms us in San Carlos

COSTA RICA, Flora Rojas •

During an intensive weekend, the Blessed Mother glorified herself in the diocese of Ciudad Quesada. —

With the participation of five couples, the first leadership conference was held in the area. Elementary topics such as the Good Shepherd, the pedagogical goal of Schoenstatt, the laws of organic growth, the laws of organic leadership, the pedagogical style, the practical faith in Divine Providence, the role of the leaders and the guides, and the guidelines for the encounter were discussed.

The day began with the celebration of the Eucharist and throughout the day the contents were explained one by one and doubts were removed thanks to Fr. José Luis Correa, Diocesan Lay Counselors, José Luis Campos and Flora Rojas, and guest speakers, Lester Norton and Carla Hidalgo.

San Carlos


Three groups of families

The following day, a Eucharist was celebrated to which all members of the local family branch were invited. A Covenant of Love was sealed by a couple from GCQ01 (Ciudad Quesada Group 1) and two Pilgrim MTA’s were commissioned. There was also the participation of members of GCQ01 (Ciudad Quesada Group 1). Members of GCQ01, GCQ02 and the new GCQ03. This was followed by the traditional Child’s Prayer and a fellowship where drinks, snacks and even birthday cake were shared. The Child’s Prayer is a rosary prayed to “gather the manger”. It was prayed while meditating on the joyful mysteries of the Holy Rosary and asking the Creator of the Universe to protect human life at every moment.



Presentation in the parishes

The presence of the National Advisor was also used to visit some parishes and to introduce us to the new priests in charge of these places. The fruits of these activities will undoubtedly be seen in the very near future.



Original: Spanish. Translation: Maria Fischer

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