Monte Tabor School, Madrid

Mount Tabor School is strongly knowledgeable, sheltered in its motto:  “We want to be a family with Mary” and in so doing, responds to a society that needs to find coherence and courage, generosity, and foresight.  It is a young project that knows how to face adversity, convinced of its mission for this time:

“To educate is to accept, arouse and to give life.” (Father Kentenich)

The reason for the school’s existence is to take the person to their fullness, individually and socially as well as meaningfully: to educate a free human being, attached to God, men and nature, who seeks the highest personal, moral, social and religious values in a trusting educational atmosphere.

Mount Tabor School is an educational center created by families and for the family.  It offers education for ages two to eighteen years old.  It is inspired by Father Joseph Kentenich’s pedagogy: it develops a different way to educate.

The educational style of Mount Tabor School is family oriented; all members of the family (parents, students, grandparents) should feel that it is an extension of the home.  The design of the center, the schedules, school menu, routes, and extra-curricular activities revolve around the needs of the family.

Co-ed –Differentiated Education

The school is co-ed, in this way the relationship between the boys and girls in the center is developed in a harmonious and complementary way, in a healthy family style.  Because of the different development, the levels of maturity, and the differentiated cognitive styles among the boys and girls in the Primary and Secondary stages of education, the school offers differentiated education in the classroom, complemented with mixed activities in the center.  During the pre-school and high school stages, the teaching as well as the complementary activities is co-ed.  In this way we understand that we offer the best pedagogical response to the challenges of today’s society.

Projects of Solidarity

Mount Tabor School supports the following projects of solidarity:

  • Support for pregnant women and single mothers in collaboration with the Network of Mothers and the Godmother Foundation
  • It helps the children and youth from Burundi.
  • It helps the families of Volcadero – Paraná (Argentina)
  • It helps a children’s home in India.


During the course, activities are developed in collaboration with the Parents’ Association of the school for the purpose of supporting families in need of the indicated projects.


Paseo de la Casa de Campo #4
28223 Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid)
Telephone +43 635 64 51 51