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Alleanza d’Amore alla Parrocchia Gesù Divin Salvatore di Roma
ITALY, Sister M. Julia de Almeida • “When we think about the month of May, we realize that we do not have just one feast day, but a whole month, 31 feast days. If each feast day moves Our Lady to manifest herself as the great Mediatrix of graces, what can we expect from her when we think of a whole month? (…) Every day of May is a day of graces! Each day of May is a day of Mary! Every day of May is a feast of Mary!”Read More
BRAZIL, Cláudio Medeiros, Jaraguá Family Federation • We often try to make the 18th of each month a special day to remember and renew our covenant of love. I think everyone has their own way of expressing this, so together with Marcio Gonçalvez from the Family League of Jaraguá, I found a somewhat unusual way to do this: In mid-December, while we were still thinking about how to get the spousal release that is so important and indispensable for this kind of event, we decided to set out from JaraguáRead More
Chapel in Bangaluru
INDIA, Fr. Jerin Choondal ISch • A chapel for the migrant youth was renovated and blessed by Father Joy Puthussery on February 18. Nearly 150 youth who are active in our Schoenstatt youth groups were present. Father Arkadiuz Sosna, International Coordinator of the Apostolic Schoenstatt Movement, was also present to bless the occasion. — Although we have been using this place for liturgical celebrations and meetings on a regular basis, we were fortunate to be able to consecrate it at this time. There are many other movement-related works that weRead More
Covenant of Love in the Schoenstatt Shrine in Kuttur, India
INDIA, Fr. Alwin Joseph • Twenty-three students (eight from the Schoenstatt Language Academy, and others from Kuttur, Kerala) sealed their Covenant of Love with the Mother Thrice Admirable (MTA) of Schoenstatt. Three students among them renewed their Covenant of Love. — There were two groups preparing to seal their Covenant of Love. The group from Kuttur has been preparing for a year. Every month, mostly on the second Saturday, we met in the Shrine. Adoration, mentoring, special activities were there. Activities of reaching out As a group preparing for theRead More
Schoenstatt Canada Toronto
CANADA, Marcela Fernández • For many years now, Schoenstatters from many countries of the world that made Canada their home have been contributing their capital of grace in the most varied ways so that the Blessed Mother can also establish herself here and unite our hearts in this vast country. — This is how Schoenstatters who have been in Canada for many years have lived their mission in different ways to make the movement known to others. In Calgary, with an image of the Blessed Mother in St. Bernard’s Church,Read More
Padre Raimundo celebra y co-celebra el Padre José Luis Correa en Parroquia Divino Niño en San Salvador el martes 5 de diciembre de 2023.
EL SALVADOR, by Florencia Couto and Claudio Martínez • Advent is a time of hope and renewal, during which we experienced a transition in the Movement in El Salvador. During the week of December 3-7, 2023, Father José Luis Correa, after seven years of commitment, service, and devotion, handed over to Father Raimundo Costa, also Chilean, his role as advisor of the Movement in El Salvador. — These were intensive days, as they were filled with learning, gratitude, love, and guidance. “I am grateful for the warmth, the potential atRead More
Encuentro fraternal de sacerdotes en el santuario de Costa Rica
COSTA RICA, María Fischer • Following tradition, on Friday, November 24, a group of diocesan priests from the Movement gathered at the Schoenstatt Shrine Familia de Esperanza in San José, Costa Rica. — At the noon Mass in the Shrine, some of the participants concelebrated and then the others joined in sharing lunch, an occasion to say goodbye to Father José Luis Correa. Manuel Peña, Nacho Gamboa, Gerardo Leon, Episcopal Vicar for the clergy, Father Minor, Father Erik Longan and a couple of others, as well as Father Ricardo Acosta,Read More
Schoenstatt Family Group in Nigeria
NIGERIA, Ijeoma Ugwu • Schoenstatt, a Catholic Apostolic Movement founded by Father Joseph Kentenich in Germany in 1914, has found a warm and enthusiastic welcome in Nigeria. One of the cornerstones of this spiritual movement is the Covenant of Love with the Blessed Mother in the Shrine, a commitment that has profoundly affected many people throughout Nigeria. —  This Covenant is an act of faith that strengthens our attachment to Mary, reinforces our baptism and marriage, while fostering unity and a deep sense of purpose within families. The Schoenstatt FamilyRead More
Nigeria Covenant of Love
NIGERIA, Fr. Jude Eze, ISch. •  October 29, 2023, the closing day of the World Synod on Synodality, was a historic day at the Victory Shrine of Our Lady of Schoenstatt, Ibadan, Nigeria, as the first group of couples from the Lagos Schoenstatt Family sealed their Covenant of Love. This group of families came together from different parishes in Lagos through the instrumentality of Fr. Jude Eze, ISch, a Schoenstatt Father who works in a parish in the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos, who accompanies the group. The Covenant of LoveRead More
JMJ Santuario Original
WYD, Roberto M. González •  For those of us who have the grace of living in Schoenstatt, or as in my case, 80 km from Vallendar, we know how beautiful it is to be able to visit the Original Shrine, but we are also witnesses that after the pandemic, the number of people and groups that pass through here has decreased. — But that has changed in the last two weeks, since a few months ago, group after group of boys’ and girls’ youth have been requesting lodging in Schoenstatt,Read More