Casa del Niño Padre José Kentenich – Father Joseph Kentenich Day Care Center -, Argentina

Birthday celebration at Casa del Niño“Casa del Niño Padre José Kentenich” was founded as a non-profit organization more than 18 years ago.  It was the result of the desire to respond to the sad reality for many children in the San Nicolás neighborhood in Florencio Varela.  From then until now – motivated and supported by the Apostolic Schoenstatt Movement – it fulfills a fundamental role in the lives of many children:  that of supporting them and accompanying them.  Slowly, with help, a home/center  was built which gives the children the opportunity to live healthily and to help them grow.  Today, space and support is offered to more than 350 children between the ages of 3 and 13.

Birth of the organization

Observing that many children remained alone – while their parents went out to work – a group of persons decided to dedicate themselves to them, offering them a healthy and formative alternative:  a day home.  Achieving thus to separate them from the dangers of the street (drugs, prostitution, delinquency, unrootedness).  The mission is to support the children in all aspects:  physical, psychic, and spiritual…..not only giving them food and clothing, but helping them to grow as persons, attempting that each child has the glimpse of a life project.

Proposed objectives

  • That the Center be a home with open doors, a home that welcomes everyone, especially the children most in need.
  • To show them to find his/her way in life.
  • That at the Home/Center, the children grow with hands open to others.


Helping with the cooking!

Activities taking place

Thanks to many generous donations, many activities to form, educate and guide the children have been able to take place.

  • Leading team at Casa del NiñoEducational support
  • Medical assistance
  • Psycho-pedagogical room with the help of assistants from different universities.
  • Reading and writing workshop
  • Computer workshop
  • Formative talks for parents
  • Vacation place during January and February with physical education teachers
  • At the beginning of school, all children receive shoes, clothing and educational supplies
  • Support with clothing, medication and anti-parasite campaigns
  • The children are able to bathe at the Home and many of them have their clothes washed
  • Annual Health Fair including routine examinations

Needs of the House of the Child  Center

The work has always taken place with the unselfish help of persons concerned with offering these children a better future. To continue fulfilling this task in difficult times, this solidary support is needed more than ever.

  • Needed are businesses, families and persons who desire to be “sponsors” or “responsible persons” for one or more children or concrete projects.
  • Needed for health projects:  medical supplies for the clinic, resources for vaccination campaigns or anti-parasites or oral hygiene.
  • Needed for human promotion campaigns:  means for offering formation courses.  Resources for nutrition reinforced for fighting the high level of malnutrition.  Shoes, clothing, etc.  The future of these children depends on what they learn today and on how they are formed.

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Alvear 1306 (B 1887BXB) Florencio Varela
5411 – 4255 6776


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Translation:  Carlos Cantú, Schoenstatt Family Federation, La Feria, Texas USA  12152011