2014 – Jubilee of the Covenant of Love

Conference 2014 marked a common road for the entire Schoenstatt Family worldwide, toward the Covenant of Love centennial in 2014, being its message, the common program.

This celebration  of the Covenant of Love is a renewal in the sense of asking for a new october 18 for Schoenstatt, and an October 18 experience for Church and World.

In the “Nothing without us“, as our commitment, we as a Schoenstatt Family will create and promote a covenant culture in every sphere of life.

In the “Nothing without You,” we ask for an explosion of graces through which the MTA will recreate us as She did on the first October 18th.

Moved and carried forth by the active streams of life at the worldwide level as Father Kentenich led Schoenstatt during his lifetime as he is still surely doing, we allow ourselves to be motivated for the apostolic commitment by a common strategy in fields in which the Church’s present situation and society show us the “…open doors.”

The apostolic projects, which emerge from this commitment, are our gift of the Covenant, to the MTA, and to the Church for the 100th Anniversary of the Covenant of Love Jubilee and as a symbolic expression of the covenant culture that is born from the Shrines.

The Renewal of the Covenant of Love at the beginning of the second century of the MTA’s work from the Shrine signifies a renewal of Schoenstatt in its apostolic effort that embraces and forms the Church and society in a Covenant of love.

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