Leonor Tarifa Center – Perú

Logo of the InstitutionCLETARP is a non-profit institution, which promotes the training and development of persons with different skills so that their human rights may be respected, and have the opportunity for training.  They promote their being included socially in an effective way and their demonstrating that they can be useful and productive in their community.

The Leonor Tarifa Center in Peru (CLETARP) emerges from professionals of good will who are aware of the problems and abandonment in which thousands of boys and girls live in Peru.  These children have different skills.  These professionals want to contribute with their knowledge and experience in special education to improve and develop the abilities of these children who suffer injustice, indifference, and marginalization.

Coming forth from a need

This Center emerged as an option for the great number of inhabitants in Peru with different skills since few of them have the possibility for special education.  In our area, we have many children who need special education with an adequate personalized curriculum according to their needs.

Volunteers, parents and children work togetherImplementing Father Kentenich’s pedagogy

At the Leonor Tarifa Center in Peru CLETARP – basing ourselves on the pedagogy of Father Kentenich – we are going to implement specialized methodology to help our children develop their abilities in order to improve the quality of life for them and their families.  At present we are trying to implement four classrooms and a lab – trusting in Divine Providence – in order to begin working in April of 2010

A name with a history

We named the Center in honor of Frau Leonor Tarifa Gavilán.  Adriana Cáceres, the principal at the center, relates that she personally met Frau Leonor in 1985 at Haus Regina.  Frau Leonor was present in the Haus Regina Shrine when Adriana sealed her Covenant of Love with the Blessed Virgin.  Leonor has always been made present in the Center’s volunteers, in their meetings and projects.  Leonor has always helped from Heaven above, each time that her intercession has been invoked.  This project will help to develop the apostolic mission, especially for the persons who are forgotten and who are the most in need of mutual help.

The Institution’s mission

The Leonor Tarifa Center in Peru is an institution with the aim of developing and enhancing the abilities and attitudes of children with different abilities.  The goal is also to give them the opportunity to learn and to demonstrate that they can reach their personal fulfillment through specialized workshops, even to be able to achieve their effective social inclusion and to form part of the economic population.

The Institution’s vision

Short-term project:  For 2015 to become a quality Institution that achieves effective social inclusion for children with different abilities in all public and private confines of the area.  CLETAP… through its educational project put into practice so that the children with different abilities can develop integrally and be respected as persons in their human rights and banishing the exclusion and marginalization which they presently suffer.

CLETARP, by spreading its harmonious method, will achieve the reduction of poverty and improve the quality of life in a supportive way for the children with different abilities

CLETARP will become the promoter and defender of human rights for the boys and girls with different abilities when facing public and private institutions and the citizenry in general.

Children with special needsProjects for children who need love and special attention


Objective: The boys and girls of Trujillo with special educational needs will benefit from a personalized and specialized education, developing their potentials and overcoming their limitations.

The Institution’s goals


  • To carry out a pilot program and then promote other similar programs in different places in the Trujillo province.
  • Stimulate, develop and strengthen the abilities and attitudes of the children with special educational needs through individualized work and with the effective support of the parents


Specific objectives

  • Apply programs of personalized interaction to assist each child according to his/her different abilities as they are presented.
  • Guide the parents on the different strategies and techniques that contribute to the development of their abilities.
  • Make the local and regional authorities aware of the problem of exclusion in society for the children with different abilities.
  • Implement classrooms and labs with the aim of offering a socio-emotional atmosphere favorable to learning for the children with different abilities.
  • Carry out activities for projecting to society making evident the products realized by the children with different abilities.
  • Enable the interested teachers to help the children with different abilities and those persons who are interested in creating a center for special education.


Volunteers CletarpLegal data for the Institution

Bank Account Number  570-17554919-0-95
Address:  Av. Iarco 542.  San Andrés.
Legal personnel registered in the Public Records with the Title
No. 2008-00058946 certificate No 11101280 and identified with RUC 20482010246


For more information and/or contact

Contact: cletarp@hotmail.com

Translation:  Carlos Cantú, Schoenstatt Family Federation, La Feria, Texas USA  02072012