FAB – Family as Vocation – Austria

Family as Vocation or “FAB” (from the German Familie als Berufung) is a magazine produced by families for families.  Its purpose is to share positive life experiences in full confidence that life enkindles life.  FAB is an initiative by the Austrian Family Movement and the project directors include an editorial team and many collaborators.

Mission and vision

FAB began in 1986.  The main objective of FAB is to strengthen families.  FAB wants to carry the legacy of the “MTA” magazine, a publication that Fr. Kentenich started more than ninety years ago during the First World War.  Fr. Kentenich would always print double the number of copies required, because from the start, the MTA magazine was an apostolic instrument.  And this is what FAB also wants to do.  On the one hand, it is a door to Schoenstatt spirituality and on the other a source of encouragement and support for families who do not feel very connected to the Church and faith.

Supported by experiences – by families for families

All of the FAB collaborators belong to the Schoenstatt Movement and live their lives in the Covenant, which is clearly reflected in the magazine’s content and orientation.

Each FAB edition describes people’s experiences, those who live their lives from the Covenant of Love with the Blessed Mother and want to inspire others with this joy.  FAB illustrates positive life experiences by taking real situations from daily life, providing real testimonies of people who lived through or are currently going through difficult situations.

FAB and the Schoenstatt Movement in Austria live in unity and are inseparable.  The two work together and enrich each other mutually.

Each FAB edition has a print run of 8,500 copies and is published quarterly in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Reaction from our readers

Dear FAB collaborators,

I love your magazine and I liked the last edition even more, particularly the interview with the Meches Family (Edition 4/11, pages 23-27, “Marriage in Crisis”).  The article reflects reality and has very practical and useful suggestions.  Thanks so much for the article, it made me think that a married couple can find themselves in a crisis far more easily than I thought.  Carry on! It is good to know that there are people who have the courage to write about difficult things and couples who are prepared to speak openly about their problems and in this way help others.

R. Family in Stuttgart, Germany

Dear editors,

I particularly like the working material that you make available.  It is wonderful that we can count on such competent families and priests who also have so much to share.  It is with great enthusiasm that we always use the texts in our parish family groups.  The questions by the married couples team are also very relevant and serve as the basis for conversation.

Carry on!

Greetings from the R. Family in Niederösterreich, Austria

Dear Mitter Family,

I read the latest edition of FAB with great interest and have come here to thank you and your wonderful team.

FAB is a great vehicle for the new evangelization because the natural and the supernatural are interconnected in a very simple and real way.

It fills me with hope for the future of Schoenstatt and the Church.  I always hand out some copies of FAB to my personal contacts and in many of my seminars so that I can advertise them in some way.  Please continue with this work.

Sr. Mariza from Quarten, Switzerland

Contacts and information:

Susi and Max Mitter, FAB editors
Address: Feldgasse8-14/6, 
2201 Gerasdorf bei Wien 
www.familiealsberufung.at (in German)

Banking details for donations:

Bank: Erste Österr.  Sparkasse
Account Number: 286 504 613 00 

Bank code – BLZ: 20111
IBAN: AT502011128650461300