Mary of Nazareth Institute

“To educate whole and harmonious personalities attached to God, creation, family and community; exercising creative leadership which motivates personal development”

A clear guide

From the challenge of forming a Christian message in education and culture, the Project of the Mary of Nazareth Institute emerges from Schoenstatt pedagogy and spirituality.  This institution works toward educating a new leadership…a Marian leadership, committed and unified as a contribution for Argentina’s Bicentennial.

The pedagogical proposal has its foundation in the pedagogy of Father Joseph Kentenich, Catholic priest and founder of the International Schoenstatt Movement in 1914.  Attempting to respond to the existential problems of today’s man, he enlightened his pedagogy with Christian revelation and proposed the formation of the new man with his own mission and committed to the community.


A pedagogy with solid humanistic and Christian focuses, integrating the academic with the development of the spirit in a space of self-restraint and close attachment to the family.

We are motivated by the dream of forming in the classrooms a cohesive generation of social, cultural, and entrepreneurial leaders who will commit themselves freely and responsibly to the building of a new Argentina founded on the values and ethics of Christian spirituality.

This project has as an objective the formation of the person as a unique being, free and communitarian for the development of a Marian leadership, committed and with common interests.


To academically form the students so those – with a critical and leadership spirit – can become instruments of change and help transform society.  To generate situations and experiences that awaken attachments and Christian values on the background of solidarity and respect in the educand.  To educate whole persons, committed, who know how to administer their freedom responsibly.  To promote a family climate in the entire educational community, cultivating affections and solidarity within and without the school.

Catholic school open to the community

As a Church school, it is defined as confessing and promoting the Catholic religion, which wants to embrace all men in their human dignity as being children of God, created in his image and likeness.  In that Faith, he opens himself to the community to be of service to the families and to be co-educators of their children.

In 2004, the Institute of the Schoenstatt Fathers assumed the project, thus becoming the first school of the Fathers in Argentina to give a solid foundation, an orientation founded on values and an integral and personalized education.

Integral Education

Works for the harmonious development in the following areas:  physical, motor, psychic, social, affective, cognitive, artistic, spiritual and religious.  Includes: life preparation, manual work, music, art, painting, carpentry, cooking, design, journalism, nursing, tailoring, sewing and knitting.  Intellectual preparation in the area of thought development and language.  Teaching to think adequately and expressing reason in oral or written form.  Community preparation for sharing, dialoguing, team work, and being in solidarity and of service.  Personal preparation in the development of talents, personal virtues, and self-knowledge in order to give the best of oneself to serve others.  Philosophical preparation, spiritual and religious that allows giving a transcendent meaning to life through principles, values and a feeling of eternal existence with the awareness of being co-creators with God and builders of his Kingdom.  A better world based on love.


Av. Los Alamos 1111, La Rufina, Calera, Córdoba

Tel:  54 3543-441011


Translation:  Carlos Cantú, Schoenstatt Family Federation, La Feria, Texas USA  09132012