Modalities: The Pilgrim MTA of Serenity and Confidence

In the year 2004, a new modality of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign, was born, known as the Pilgrim MTA of “Serenity and Confidence”.  This Pilgrim MTA visits people who suffer anxiety, depression, sadness and lack of inner peace as a response to the needs of today’s men/women.

An answer to today people’s needs

A notebook with rosary meditations written along these lines showing the personality of Sister Emilie and the unbreakable faith in God the Father accompanies this Pilgrim MTA.  The inspiration emerged within the context of a visit to Metternich and Sister Emilie’s tomb by a missionary of the Rosary Campaign from Argentina, and an exchange about the modalities of the Campaign in response to the needs of people in the world today.  That is how the idea to incorporate Sister Emilie’s potential and vision into the Campaign was born so that it would reach the families.  This modality has spread in a large scale in Argentina and Paraguay, as well as in other countries such as Peru and Germany.

In Paraguay, more than 500 Pilgrim MTA’s with the modality of Serenity and Confidence has been commissioned.  “This breath of the Spirit that inspires our brothers/sisters of the Rosary Campaign in Argentina, based on the life story of our beloved Sister Emilie, came to bear much fruit and abundant blessings in Paraguay,” commented Rosa and Luis Lezcano from Paraguay.

Real Life

The Pilgrim MTA of Serenity and Confidence accompanies those who have to undergo serious surgeries, relatives of patients who are in critical condition, people who are anxious, and those who have lost a loved one.  A Pilgrim MTA of this modality accompanies a small group of people affected by mental and emotional disorders, and thanks to the pilgrimage of this image, they have learned to mutually support each other.  Some speak with conviction about the miracles of serenity and confidence…

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