Foundation In Covenant – Fundación En Alianza, Paraguay

Foundation In Covenant is a non-profit civic institution created in 1991 by a group of independent professionals and businessmen who carry out tasks in diverse areas of social life and who have felt called to collaborate in the transformation of the country through programs and educational projects.  Through the cultivation of values, they focus on dignifying the men and women of Paraguay.

Principles of the foundation

Education is a privileged means for transforming the reality of poverty and the cultural backwardness experienced by our people.  Therefore, it is the basis for a cultural and ethical transformation that edifies in men and women the true meaning of their dignity.  Work in teams, demonstrating that it is possible to dialogue and work together, organized and effective “in covenant” at the service of the common good.  In addition, this will make it possible to optimize the limited resources available in our country.


To develop and support programs and projects – preferably reaching national levels – in the confines of culture and education, contributing to elevate the quality of life for the men and women of Paraguay through the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and abilities.

To promote an educational model which will develop in people their self-esteem, the re-evaluation of their affective dimensions – intellectual, spiritual and corporal – which will help them become aware of their dignity, rights and obligations, so that as children of God they will facilitate the emergence of a society guided by more human values.

Why work in education?

Paraguay is a poor country with scarce material and human resources.  One of its greatest needs is in the field of education.  The country needs:  a takeoff in all areas, to transform itself, to get out of the backwardness and underdevelopment in which it finds itself.  Help is needed for the people to acquire awareness of their dignity and most basic rights, and one of the best ways is through education.  The educational system has needs, and these are impossible to be confronted only by the state.  The solution to the problems which national education suffers makes it indispensable to count on the contributions of private initiative and the organized civic society.

Production of education material

For the different levels of basic and intermediate education – as a greater contribution for learning – with an educational vision, renewed pedagogy and renewed methodology which invite to “learn with joy.”

Textbooks are accompanied with workshops and technical presentations for teachers, open spaces where the intention of the texts can be shared, new proposed methodologies and learning strategies, and where new strategies can come forth as a result of reflection in common and the re-thinking of our education.

Accompanying our textbooks, we offer learning workshops for teachers in the areas of Communication, Mathematics, Social Studies, Civic Education, Religion, and Catholic Morality.

One Book, One Hope Campaign

Aware that “partners” with solidarity people and organizations, it is possible to do much more, the task for fundraising was seized and named ONE BOOK, ONE HOPE CAMPAIGN in 2007.  The main objective of the Campaign is that the citizenry become more aware of the problems of the country’s education, and thus be able to collaborate with the Foundation to meet the numerous needs for books with donations that are requested.  For this objective, they have worked together with solidarity companies who have Programs of Social Impresarial Responsibility (RSE) and they have had good results.

To collaborate with the Foundation

  • Donate economic resources for the development of projects, for the acquisition and printing of didactic and pedagogical materials for schools, and educational needs in the interior of the country.
  • To help to establish national and international contacts to develop opportunities which will favor the growth of services and projects of the Foundation.
  • To share new ideas and projects which will help better the fulfillment of the Foundation’s intentions.
  • The means of communication can also contribute by giving spaces for promotion and making known the activities and projects taking place and thus to reach a greater number of persons.


Fundación en Alianza
Telefax: (021) 22 22 15 (R.A.)
Address: Juan de Salazar 486 e/ San José y Boquerón | Asunción – Paraguay

For more information, visit the webpage for the Foundation (spanish).  Click here

Translation: Carlos Cantú, Schoenstatt Family Federation, La Feria, Texas USA 07282011