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Jornada sobre el santuario corazon en El Salvador
El Salvador, Florencia Couto • In a fast-paced and often superficial world, Father Raimundo Costa, Movement advisor for El Salvador, kindly invites us to rediscover the depth of the Heart Shrine, a vital teaching proposed by Father Kentenich. — The Schoenstatt Shrine came about because of a real need, and it shows up in all kinds of different ways. The Original Shrine, which is in Germany, is the place where the movement started with Mary’s Covenant of Love. Around that, about 200 Daughter Shrines have been set up all overRead More
Santuario Original 18.02.2024
ORIGINAL SHRINE, Maria Fischer • My photo for Covenant Day in February – as usual, I used one of the real stories published since the 18th of the previous month, with an apostolic touch – had already been sent when I received one from the Original Shrine, specifically from the afternoon Mass in Spanish – a Mass that was so connected to the missionary initiative of solidarity of the then Rector at the beginning of the pandemic, by offering Masses in the Shrine day after day with live transmission. —Read More
Mons. Mario Enrique Quiróz en el Santurio Original
ORIGINAL SHRINE / COSTA RICA, Laura Loaiza • The Bishop of Cartago, Costa Rica, Mario Enrique Quirós spent Christmas in Schoenstatt, Germany. He was very grateful for the welcome, for the time he had to pray, to rest, to learn more about Schoenstatt. He was happy! — In his diocese there are many Schoenstatt couples’ groups, there are some couples of the Family Federation, groups of the Mothers’ Branch, of the Men’s Branch (five), of the Girls’ Youth, of the Women’s Apostolic League, of the Young Professionals, several communities ofRead More
Jovenes de Rumania en Schoenstatt
ORIGINAL SHRINE, Editorial Office • On Thursday, December 28, 2023, a group of young Romanians who were in Schoenstatt at the turn of the year met by chance with Father José Luis Correa and Bishop Mario Quirós of Cartago (Costa Rica), in front of the Original Shrine, where Bishop Quirós gave them the episcopal blessing. — This moment, the Sisters of Mary who accompanied the young people arranged a meeting with Father José Luis Correa. They already knew him, as he had visited the Sisters of Mary in Timisoara, Romania,Read More
JMJ Santuario Original
WYD, Roberto M. González •  For those of us who have the grace of living in Schoenstatt, or as in my case, 80 km from Vallendar, we know how beautiful it is to be able to visit the Original Shrine, but we are also witnesses that after the pandemic, the number of people and groups that pass through here has decreased. — But that has changed in the last two weeks, since a few months ago, group after group of boys’ and girls’ youth have been requesting lodging in Schoenstatt,Read More
WYD23/Original Shrine, Maria Fischer • Impressions of a “youthful” week around the Original Shrine dressed in the colors of WYD23: youth with flags and pictures of the Pilgrim MTA, many Masses in the Original Shrine, a celebration for everyone with the renewal of the Covenant of Love, encounters, songs, prayers…. — There was even an encounter between two of the youngest collaborators of schoenstatt.org – Father Rafael Mota from Brazil and Roberto González from Paraguay met in front of the Original Shrine. The first to arrive, at least the firstRead More
Schoenstatt Santuario Original
ORIGINAL SHRINE, Maria Fischer • Around the Original Shrine it is still quiet as usual, but the photos that Pedro M. Dillinger sent us recently show the preparations. The air is full of youth, the air of World Youth Day (WYD). The symbol of the event has been on the altar of the Original Shrine for a long time, and outside you can see a structure that gives an urban touch to the “little chapel in the green meadow”. — Many groups, especially from Latin America, will take advantage ofRead More
Santuario Original
ORIGINAL SHRINE, schoenstatt.org Editorial Team • The launch or relaunch of a website is like a difficult and exciting birth after a long time of waiting. It is too long to contain the growing expectations and yet too short to fulfill them completely and satisfactorily. In the case of the renewed website of the Pilgrims’ Center it was a pregnancy and a wait of almost 20 years, since the first information of that center for pilgrims seeking their way to the original shrine was published in 2003. — A coupleRead More
Santuario Original
ORIGINAL SHRINE, M. Fischer • With the beginning of the pandemic, the scheduling of the Masses in the Original Shrine was changed, the usual celebration of Masses in different languages began, as well as the live transmissions via webcam and the YouTube channel of the Original Shrine, carried out by the Schoenstatt-TV team. However, during this month of August there will be no Masses in Spanish, except on Sundays. — Fr. Pablo Pol, rector of the Original Shrine, announced these days: Time of Chapters, time for prayer The reason forRead More
Pedro M. Dillinger/Maria Fischer • “He will establish justice between nations and rebuke many peoples. Then they will forge their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning knives. They will not lift up sword, nation against nation, and they will no longer learn war” (Isaiah 2:4). Words of the Holy Scriptures which in the 80s of the last century became the slogan of the peace movement in Eastern Germany and partly also in West Germany – swords into plowshares! Words that are becoming loud again today in the faceRead More