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GERMANY, Renate Siebenkäs • The Schoenstatt Movement of the Archdiocese of Bamberg in Germany invites this year for the first time to a tractor pilgrimage to Marienberg, to the Shrine of Unity. Pure popular piety, and under the motto: What draws us. — Departure is Sunday, 04.06.23, around 14:00. The volunteer fire department Dörrnwasserlos regulates the parking. Many thanks for it! At 14:30 we will celebrate a pilgrimage prayer in front of the Shrine of Unity. Afterwards, each tractor will be blessed individually and each driver, each female driver personally.Read More
Il 19 maggio pomeriggio si è svolto, nella parrocchia dei Santi Patroni di Roma (retta dai padri di Schoenstatt) la riunione del Caffè delle coppie
ITALY, Eugenio Minici and Vanda Rebuffat • On the afternoon of the 19th of May, the Café for Couples took place in the Parish of the Patron Saints in Rome, under the direction of the Schoenstatt Fathers. It is an offer of an afternoon of rest and deepening of unity as a couple, of walking together and of original freshness. — The day began with the “couples’ game”, questions for the couples to get to know each other better in the group of couples present. After the game, some themesRead More
Tomás Carrasco Cortés, nuevo obispo de Calama
CHILE, / Fr. José Luis Correa • Pope Francis has appointed as bishop of Calama the priest Tomás Abel Carrasco Cortés, until now pastor of La Sagrada Familia in the city of Los Angeles and advisor to the Madrugadores. — The priest Tomás Abel Carrasco Cortés, was born on November 13, 1970 in El Huachi, rural sector of Santa Bárbara, Biobío region; being the third of six siblings. He received his elementary education in a rural school in Santa Barbara and his secondary education in the Liceo A-59 ofRead More
PERU, Fr. Rafael Reategui, Fr. José Luis Correa • On May 13, in the midst of a very tense and uncertain political situation, Fr. Rafael Reategui presented the President of the Republic of Peru with a picture of the Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt. — Fr. Rafael Reategui, who sealed his covenant with the Blessed Mother in 2005, is pastor in Manchay, a poor area on the outskirts of Lima. The president, Dina Boluarte Zegarra, said she wants to put the image of the Blessed Mother in the presidential office.Read More
Alianza de Amor de profesores del Colegio San José de La Comuna
ECUADOR, Fr. Rafael Amaya/mf • On May 9, the teachers of our school San José de la Comuna in the Shrine of Quito united in the Covenant of Love with Mary. — The San José de La Comuna School, a work of the Niños de María Foundation, is a school for some 300 children in the La Comuna neighborhood, an area that is not only characterized by its material poverty, but there is a total lack of values and an internal poverty that often marks more than the material. ARead More
GERMANY, Peter Hagmann • In this second evening of the Men’s Workshop trilogy “Life crises that led to faith”, Milan recounts his journey: As a Croat in Bosnia, he was brought up as a Christian, but in his environment the Christian faith did not have much importance and this lasted for a long time. — Due to the bad environment, his life went off the rails. He experienced all kinds of drugs that led him straight to addiction: from hashish to heroin to synthetic drugs and alcohol. Again and againRead More
PUERTO RICO, PARAGUAY, GERMANY, Edgardo L. Rivera • During the weekend of April 28th to May 1st, the missionary motorcyclists from Germany, Paraguay and Puerto Rico went on pilgrimage with the Blessed Mother through the highways of their countries. It seems that they planned it, but no, it was all the work of the Holy Spirit who, through the Heart of Mary, moved them to carry out the mission. — The third grace received in the Schoenstatt Shrines, the apostolic sending forth, leads us to go out of our comfortRead More
Ándale María
MEXICO, Gabriela de la Garza •  Time flies when you are doing something you love! Eight years ago, a group of women from the women’s pillar of Schoenstatt Monterrey, came together dreaming of being able to offer a space where many more like us, could take a break from their busy lives, reconnect with themselves, learn new tools that they could easily apply in their daily lives and at the same time, share experiences with other women who seek to grow and transcend. — This is how Ándale María (ComeRead More
Equipos de Casa Madre de Tuparenda y de la pastoral carcelaria
PARAGUAY, HOUSE MOTHER OF TUPARENDA, Ani Souberlich • This Holy Week, as a team of House Mother of Tupãrenda, we made a visit to the Educational Center of Itauguá to invite the teenagers deprived of their freedom to participate in the program once they are released. — In this visit we told them everything they can learn in our house, to later have a job and thus achieve a better quality of life for them and their families. As always, they received us with joy and above all with aRead More
Casa del Niño
ARGENTINA, Maria Fischer • “Grapes, grapes, grapes…”. On Tuesday, March 28, when the children of the early shift at Casa del Niño José Kentenich, the day care center in a poor neighborhood of Florencio Varela, received their dessert, the joy was clearly seen and heard. I remembered a story that Veronica Arias had told me a few days ago. A new child in the house did not touch the tomatoes in the salad. The little one didn’t know what it was. He had never seen a tomato in his life,Read More