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URUGUAY, Juan Andrés Nopitsch • Providencia Educational Center, in Montevideo, Uruguay, participated in the first Congress regarding experiences of accompaniment for Uruguay’s public and private high schools’ educational paths; the Council of Secondary Education organized it. — The Congress was held in the Telecommunication Tower with different avenues of participation: offering a conference, participating in round table discussions, or unveiling a poster modality project. The intention was to give teams and educational centers an opportunity to offer a practical, innovative proposal that could enrich the debate and the reflections duringRead More
URUGUAY, Juan Andrés Nopitsch • The Providencia Educational Center has grown, and it has transformed itself during these twenty-four years thanks to the support of many heroes: little ones, their families, educators, volunteers, organizations, the state, businesses, among others…together we all build Providencia. We will relate some activities that transformed the place quite a bit this month. – During the year, several Maintenance Sessions are carried out jointly with the little ones, their families and the teachers. But these sessions are about much more than just a Saturday workday. Behind them,Read More
PARAGUAY, Pedro Cáceres • During the Year of Mercy, Pope Francis exhorted us to visit those in prison as one of the corporal works of mercy. One day, during a parish activity in front a lot of people, I expressed that it would be very hard to carry out this work of mercy, since I did not know whom to visit, or with whom I would go. During a conversation with Fr. Pedro in the middle of 2016, he invited me to accompany the Prison Ministry some Saturday. During thatRead More
SCHOENSTATT ROSARY CAMPAIGN Ana C. de Echevarría • Outside of Rome, in the Casolotti area, we find the Matri Ecclesiae Shrine, with the Schoenstatt mission of helping fulfill Fr. Kentenich’s dream of contributing to forging a Church that is near, and will be the culture and the world’s soul, reaching out to people. Therefore it was not by chance that one of the Schoenstatt International Center’s three meeting halls in Belmonte was dedicated to Joao Luiz Pozzobon. A large painting, in the universal language of art telling the story ofRead More
PARAGUAY, Maria Fischer with material from the Press Office of the Ministry of Justice of Paraguay • In a ceremony charged with emotions, three young men successfully finished the program of social re-integration after prison of the Mother of Tupãrenda House. They received the recognition of relatives and instructors for the effort made to finish the process. — The Minister of Justice, Ever Martínez, who was present at the graduation, once again showed his satisfaction with the accomplishments of these youths and for the fact that “a public policy implementedRead More
PARAGUAY, Amada Girett • During the commemoration of our covenant with the Blessed Mother, in the beautiful city of Santa Rita, Alto Paraná on the 18th of April, like every 18th, there was a touching celebration of renewal of the covenant of love, in spiritual union with all of Schoenstatt. — Five groups of the Schoenstatt Movement renewed their covenant of love with the Blessed Mother. This time, seven missionaries of the Rosary Campaign were commissioned with the Pilgrim Mother of Our Lady of Schoenstatt; two of them were newRead More
BRAZIL, Sueli Vilarinho • From Jaraguá in Brazil, the Family Branch carried out Coffee and Conversation for mothers and children. The event was held on Sunday, 15 April, in Jaraguá’s Sion Shrine.   Twenty-one mothers along with twenty-nine children participated. More than just conversation, this experience proposed that they get to know one another and be known, so that a mutual love would grow and flourish.   The children’s ages ranged from 8-34. Antonio Carlos Vicente and Sueli Vilarinho, with the presence of the adviser, Mrs. Raquel Padilla headed upRead More
ARGENTINA, Maggie Carricart • In Otamendi, we had a different experience from our usual Holy Week. Along with six couples and eighty youths, we had the opportunity to undertake a new challenge and take the Blessed Mother to conquer hearts, in the Family Missions. —   The missions were incredible, where a different energy was felt along with an absolute pure joy—from the morning mission, afternoon workshops, Masses, and especially the mission. Every morning we went out as a family to visit homes in Otamendi, where families waited for usRead More
ARGENTINA, Juan Barbosa • With an expectation of bringing together more than 250 men from all the country and with enormous enthusiasm and lots of work, a Madrugadores team from Córdoba is organizing a National Gathering 18-20 August 2018. — The work is easier when shared by an adequate division of tasks, and although it is tremendously demanding, the selfless effort that every member of the commission gives daily makes a difference. What generosity and sense of others! Prayer is the first thing Different prayer warriors from several communities haveRead More
ITALY, Federico Bauml • Traditionally during Holy Week, the Italian Schoenstatt Youth’s Family Mission took place. We asked two of the participants, Giacomo Zara and Anna Minici, to tell about it. — “Whoever begins well is halfway done” Giacomo, 23 years, was one of those overseeing the mission, an onerous task, characterized by a thousand unforeseen issues, brought to completion – together with Denise, another who was sharing the responsibility  – in the best possible way. Here is his testimony. “During the second half of this year’s Holy Week,Read More