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BOLIVIA, Adrián Betancourt Henestrosa (14 ) • Takesi is a two-day, one-night walk, carried out following part of the Inca road through La Paz. It is already a tradition for the Pioneers, university and pre-university students from La Paz, and for several years, the Boys’ Youth from Santa Cruz de la Sierra have also accompanied us.— We made the trip with our groups’ Chilean advisers, until last year, Fr. Jaime Gayangos, and this year Fr. Cristóbal Asenjo. Zebras on the streets of La Paz Three Pioneers came from Santa Cruz:Read More

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Travel log

ARGENTINA, Martín Mateu • Thanks to one of the participants of the Boys’ Youth’s Cruzada de Maria (Mary’s Crusade) from Latin America, José Argüello, a member of the editorial team, we received the following report. Martín Mateu, who was part of the organizational logistic team of Cruzada de Maria in January 2018, wrote it. Even after half a year since the event that we shared intensely on, the testimony written at the time of the experience is worth gold. — Day 6: Picheuta – Punta de Vacas. LastRead More
ARGENTINA, Carlos Cappelletti • I do not know if you remember me from some previous article…today I want to share my testimony and the life that is generated in the men attending “Los Madrugadores.” I am Carlos Cappelletti, group coordinator for the Madrugadores of Schoenstatt’s Blessed Mother of the city of Nueve de Julio, a province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. — I try, as much as possible, to attend daily Mass. In our city’s Cathedral as well as in the many churches where I have participated in the Eucharistic celebration,Read More
PARAGUAY, Cristina Velázquez • For the past three years, the Schoenstatt Women’s Professional Branch has lived a “Church reaching out,” visiting prisoners in the “Good Shepherd” women’s prison in Asunción. Pope Francis is “responsible” for this daring outreach.— Toward the periphery – ten minutes from the shrine In 2015, the team was looking for an apostolate with high impact. Pope Francis’ words to the Schoenstatt Family during the Rome audience in 2014 still echoed within them, when he recommended not to remain “combing sheep,” instead go out to seek theRead More

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“It is our house”

URUGUAY, Providencia Educational Center, Juan Andrés Nopitsch • Providencia Educational Center is celebrating! (And with good reason.) The chapel expansion has begun. — How often have not the small and insignificant beginnings been the source of great and greatest accomplishments? The Providencia’s history is deeply marked by Fr. Kentenich’s phrase: “How often have not the small and insignificant beginnings been the source of great and greatest accomplishments?” (Fr. Kentenich, Schoenstatt Founding Documents, p. 31) About twenty-four years ago, a group of Pilgrim Mother Campaign missionaries found out what Lucia wasRead More
PARAGUAY, Soledad León • Our story begins during 2016 when Schoenstatt’s Mothers’ Branch from Asunción carried out their usual convocation to form new groups.  Twelve women attended that meeting, guided by a profound devotion that they felt for Mary, without imagining what the Blessed Mother had prepared for their lives: feeding the hungry. — Laura González, Diana Arzamendia, Paola Morga, Mirian Larrea, Celeste Bonin, Paola Bieber, Karina Cuellar, Soledad León, Adriana Manzoni, Batania Buzo, Esther Ascurra, and Paola Noguera came from different places, diverse professions, and their own special andRead More
Providencia Educational Center

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Sharing inspiring ideas

URUGUAY, Juan Andrés Nopitsch • Providencia Educational Center, in Montevideo, Uruguay, participated in the first Congress regarding experiences of accompaniment for Uruguay’s public and private high schools’ educational paths; the Council of Secondary Education organized it. — The Congress was held in the Telecommunication Tower with different avenues of participation: offering a conference, participating in round table discussions, or unveiling a poster modality project. The intention was to give teams and educational centers an opportunity to offer a practical, innovative proposal that could enrich the debate and the reflections duringRead More
URUGUAY, Juan Andrés Nopitsch • The Providencia Educational Center has grown, and it has transformed itself during these twenty-four years thanks to the support of many heroes: little ones, their families, educators, volunteers, organizations, the state, businesses, among others…together we all build Providencia. We will relate some activities that transformed the place quite a bit this month. – During the year, several Maintenance Sessions are carried out jointly with the little ones, their families and the teachers. But these sessions are about much more than just a Saturday workday. Behind them,Read More
PARAGUAY, Maria Fischer with material from the Press Office of the Ministry of Justice of Paraguay • In a ceremony charged with emotions, three young men successfully finished the program of social re-integration after prison of the Mother of Tupãrenda House. They received the recognition of relatives and instructors for the effort made to finish the process. — The Minister of Justice, Ever Martínez, who was present at the graduation, once again showed his satisfaction with the accomplishments of these youths and for the fact that “a public policy implementedRead More
BRAZIL, Sueli Vilarinho • From Jaraguá in Brazil, the Family Branch carried out Coffee and Conversation for mothers and children. The event was held on Sunday, 15 April, in Jaraguá’s Sion Shrine.   Twenty-one mothers along with twenty-nine children participated. More than just conversation, this experience proposed that they get to know one another and be known, so that a mutual love would grow and flourish.   The children’s ages ranged from 8-34. Antonio Carlos Vicente and Sueli Vilarinho, with the presence of the adviser, Mrs. Raquel Padilla headed upRead More