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Madrugada con Mario Hiriart
CHILE, Jorge Abarca  • On Saturday, May 25th, a long-cherished desire of all the Madrugadores was fulfilled: to celebrate a holy mass at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile in honor of Mario Hiriart, a former student and professor of the Faculty of Engineering. As Madrugadores, we were present to testify our commitment to his beatification process. — The “Dawn with Mario” event was organized by the Madrugadores of the Metropolitan Region and Aconcagua. It was a very beautiful gathering where nearly 60 men came together around Mario Hiriart andRead More
Von Isabelle Prondzynski - Shrine -- the outside, CC BY 2.0,
UGANDA, Maria Fischer • About 4 million faithful participated yesterday, June 3, in the Uganda Martyrs Catholic Shrine Basilica in Namugongo, in the celebrations in memory of the Ugandan Martyrs. The shrine is about 20 km from the capital Kampala. — This year’s celebration was particularly significant because it marks 60 years since Pope Paul VI canonized a total of 22 Catholics and 23 Anglicans killed between 1885 and 1887 on the orders of King Mwanga II in the then Kingdom of Buganda. It is celebrated on June 3 inRead More
Mural, ermita de City Bell
ARGENTINA, Lilita and Carlos Ricciardi • Every time we visit the City Bell Wayside Shrine we find pleasant surprises. On Wednesday, May 15, 2024, we were invited to participate in the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Civil Association TIERRA DE MARIA, which is legally responsible for the Schoenstatt Wayside Shrine of City Bell. When we were on our way to the meeting, we thought about what we were going to ask them. Knowing how they work, surely it would not be necessary to ask questions, since theyRead More
Hasenkamp. Entrevista a los primeros
ARGENTINA, Interview with Jorge Quiroz and Horacio Gonzalez •  “How often in world history has the small and unsightly been the source of the big and great. Why shouldn’t that also be the case with us?” This quote from Schoenstatt’s founding document is written on the cover of the folder containing photos, testimonies, posters and copies of newspaper articles about the pilgrimage of the towns and villages that connects the wayside shrine of Hasenkamp with the shrine of La Loma. Ninety kilometers on a busy route that 30,000, 40,000 orRead More
Proyecto “Pabellones literarios” para la libertad
ARGENTINA, Maria Silvia Jorge • In the year 2021, from the Prison Pastoral of the Archdiocese of La Plata, we were invited to participate in the project “Literary Pavilions” of the Penitentiary Service of the Province of Buenos Aires, in which we would work through a Zoom connection, with wards of the different prisons of this province. — A group of volunteers from the City Bell Wayside Shrine began to work, via Zoom, with the boys of Ward 7 of the prison unit No. 32 of Florencio Varela, a townRead More
Madrugadores Santo Cristo
ARGENTINA, Juan Barbosa •  The pandemic we went through has left us with some rather forgettable and unpleasant memories. We have lived through hard times and, in the midst of them, there was something to rescue by listening to the Holy Spirit. It was in the midst of this situation that the Madrugadores del Santo Cristo were born in our city of Cordoba. Having completed their first three years, they radiate and show a lot without wanting to… with a very low profile. — Loyalty for loyalty In other articlesRead More
Caminos de santidad matrimonial
ARGENTINA, Editors • The Institute of Marriage and Family of the Catholic University of Argentina (UCA) presented the book “Caminos de Santidad Matrimonial” (Paths of Marital Sanctity) by Leonardo Cozzi and Paola Risuleo, members of the Institute of Schoenstatt Families. had already reported on the book immediately after its publication. — Fewer vocations? The coincidence in time is remarkable. On the same day, the Holy See published the Pontifical Yearbook 2024 and the Statistical Yearbook of the Church 2022, in which the number of bishops, priests, religious and deaconsRead More
ITALY, Vanda Rebuffat and Eugenio Minici • As a follow-up to the Married Couples’ Coffee (which we spoke about earlier), in which several couples from Terricciola (Pisa) participated, the couples decided to continue the journey of growth (with a view to the creation and consolidation of a community of married couples), inspired by the spirituality of the Schoenstatt Movement. On Saturday, March 16, the second meeting of the new cycle was held on the theme “United we are stronger”. The meeting, as usual, was led by two couples from theRead More
DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO, Father Jean Marie Bisimwa • The Schoenstatt Fathers have been living and working in Uvira, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, for four years. 2020, the first year of the pandemic that largely spared Africa, was a fruitful year; in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), where Schoenstatt has been growing for years and where several Schoenstatt Fathers come from, the first branch of the Schoenstatt Fathers was founded.In the meantime, a Shrine is being built and the work of the Fathers in the Bon PasteurRead More
Madrugadores de Guatemala
GUATEMALA, Edgar Leonel Tórtola • “We did not give up. This Saturday, July 26, 2023, we could not use the chapel where we are always allowed to pray the rosary, since there was a retreat, so the Madrugadores (early risers) decided to hold the meeting in a public square, which is known as John Paul II, in Guatemala City”. This is the beginning of an article published in about the first dawn of the Madrugadores of Guatemala in a public place. It was not going to be the last…sinceRead More