Pilgrimage Prayer 2014

The Jubilee Prayer is a prayer of pilgrimage.


Its composition was motivated by the desire to have something simple and short that could be prayed in different situations, among us ourselves as a Family, but also with friends of the Movement and in Church circles. It isn`t a thematic or programmatic prayer, but rather the prayer of a pilgrim who puts himself on a spiritual path that will lead him -transformed into a missionary – to the shrine and from there to the whole world.

Pilgrimage Prayer 2014

Dear Mother and Mother of our Lord!
With great joy we start out
on our pilgrimage to your shrine.

Father Kentenich’s faith inspired you
to set up your home in Schoenstatt.

In the shadow of this shrine
a family was born,
a new spiritual way within the Church,
a charism in the midst of our time.

We want to fill the jars with our gifts:
With our gratitude and repentance,
With our surrender and longing.

With every step we take on our pilgrim way,
we ask you:

Enkindle in us anew the fire of love for you,
for Father Kentenich
and for our family.

Mother, give us the strength
to spread a covenant culture
in our world today
and educate us
to be your true missionaries for this century.

Your covenant – our mission!

1 What do I want to give thanks for today?

2 What will I place into the jar today?

3 Which missionary step can I take today?


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