PK4U – A bust of Fr. Kentenich for the Home Shrine


PK4U – Kentenich to go. photo: Matthias Brand, Focus Vallendar

uan Fernández, the “sculptor of Father Kentenich” and creator of the first and many other Kentenich statues, made the first busts of Father Kentenich in small format in June 2020, at the suggestion of Monina Crivelli from Buenos Aires, one of the first collaborators of

“I made them all from the same mold,” he says with astonishment and pride in his voice as he shows the first “PK4U,” the first busts of Father Kentenich “to go,” suitable for a home shrine or to take wherever you wanted to take your picture. “Each one came out a little different…”

Who would like a bust of Father Kentenich for their home shrine, for a course or community, for a meeting room, to take home or to give as a gift?

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    Note: does not sell the Father Kentenich busts, nor does it earn anything from them, but it makes the space available to the artist and to all who are interested. And this with great pleasure.