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Misiones Miramar
ARGENTINA, Juliana Bellone, via • A new edition of the Ver Sacrum Mission, organized by the university youth of Mar del Plata and Miramar, was held from August 19-21. With the motto “Sacred Springtime, creating a heaven on earth”, this year the mission had the participation of about thirty-five boys and girls who visited the community of the Aeroparque neighborhood in the city of Miramar for four days. They visited house by house to share the Word, take the Pilgrim MTA, and invite to workshops and activities for adultsRead More
Casa del Niño
ARGENTINA, Juan Diego Stellatelli • We would like to thank Professors Silvia E. Asis and José A. Postigo of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry of the UBA (University of Buenos Aires) for once again choosing us to carry out the Environmental Education and Training Project on Integrated Management of Solid Urban Waste in our institution, the Casa del Niño in Florencio Varela. — The general objective of this project is to educate children, adolescents, and adults to take care of the environment and the whole community that surrounds them:Read More
Misiones Miramar
ARGENTINA, via • Bishop Mestre led the closing Mass of the Ver Sacrum mission in Miramar. The mission, which was carried out with the motto “Sacred Springtime, creating a heaven on earth”, was carried out by some 35 university youth of the Schoenstatt Youth from Mar del Plata. — The Diocesan Administrator of Mar del Plata and Archbishop-elect of La Plata, Gabriel Mestre, presided at the closing Mass of the Ver Sacrum Mission of the Schoenstatt Youth of Mar del Plata, in the parish of St. Andrew of Miramar.Read More
Día del Niño en la ermita de City Bell
ARGENTINA, Teresa Fiorucci • On Saturday, August 26th, Children’s Day was celebrated at the City Bell Wayside Shrine, a wayside shrine in the middle of the city, which, with all its grounds, its rooms and especially its Schoenstatt Family is at the service of the neighborhood. — It was a heavenly day. The Lord gave us the gift of a spring day. More than 200 children and 80 adults visited us. There were games, sausages, ice cream, popcorn and many delicious things. We received, in advance, many toys that weRead More
Misión Galilea
ARGENTINA, Fr. Juan Molina • For the third consecutive year, young university students of the Schoenstatt Men’s Youth from different parts of the country gathered to experience another edition of the volunteering and mission “Galilea” in Florencio Varela. For ten days they experienced the encounter with Jesus in prayer, community and especially in service to the most excluded. Thus, distributed in different groups, they visited the prisoners, the sick and the children, feeling in them and for them the mercy of God. During these days they experienced that the GalileeRead More
La Plata
ARGENTINA, Carlos Ricciardi • On August 15th, the Schoenstatt Family of La Plata celebrated the Feast of the Assumption of Mary and the 58th Anniversary of the “Shrine of Father’s Liberation”. The Mass was celebrated by Auxiliary Bishop Jorge González, member of the Schoenstatt Diocesan Priests’ Federation, concelebrated with several priests, among them Fathers Javier Arteaga, José María Iturrería, Pablo Mullín and Fr. Alberto Meroni. — For the past year, the Family of La Plata has been on the “road to the 60th birthday” of the Shrine, motivated by theRead More
Ordenación episcopal
ARGENTINA, Auxiliary Bishop Ernesto José Fernández, Rosario • At the end of the Episcopal Consecration Mass, Auxiliary Bishop Ernesto José Fernández of Rosario walked through the nave of the church to greet and bless the grateful congregation and addressed some very warm and affectionate words to us, which we publish here as the first. — “My soul praises the greatness of the Lord. My spirit rejoices in God my Savior…”. I fully identify myself with this exclamation of Our Lady in the Magnificat. There are so many feelings that fillRead More
Ordenación episcopal Mons. Ernesto Fernández Foto: Aica
ARGENTINA, Fr. Darío Gatti • The bells are ringing, there is a celebration. It is 7:00 p.m. on Friday, August 4, 2023, a bright sunny day in a mild winter. Although the sun has already set, the night will be bright and radiant, and not because of the moon, which is also strikingly bright on this day. The hour heralds a great joy that comes to us in the city of Rosario and in the Archdiocese of Mary, Our Lady and Queen of the Rosary, in the year of theRead More
Casa del Niño viaje a Luján
ARGENTINA, Gabriela Sarquis • On the initiative of Father Francisco Bosch (Father Pancho), chaplain of the Casa del Niño, 50 children from the older groups went on a trip to Luján on Monday 19th June, accompanied by members of the Board of Directors, educators and volunteers of the Casa. — The bus ride was a celebration for them. For many of the children it was the first time they had ever travelled…. On arrival, they visited the Basilica of Our Mother and Patroness of Argentina and then went to Mass,Read More
Una visita al Santuario de Nueva Helvecia
ARGENTINA, Juan Barbosa • When I took my first steps in Schoenstatt in 1986, I was told that there were many shrines like the one in Villa Warcalde, Córdoba (Shrine of Solidarity, inaugurated in 1968), but one was very special because it was the first. Through the initiative of the Sisters of Mary, the Shrine of Nueva Helvecia, Uruguay, has poured out its graces since 1943. A great love story with our Mother Thrice Admirable and so far from the Original Shrine! — As always…Mary surprises us at every moment!Read More