Niño Jesús Nutrition Center, Dominican Republic

Niño Jesús Nutrition Center is a non-profit institution with the aim of offering nutrition, health and education to children of limited means who demonstrate problems with nutrition in the town of La Victoria and its surrounding areas in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.  They offer shelter to sixty-five children between the hours of 7:30 A.M. and 2:00 P.M.

The Nutrition Center was founded on September 8, 1990, with the economic support of parishioners from the Catholic Church of the Nativity in Brandon, Florida, USA.  These parishioners continue to the present helping out this beautiful mission.

Thanks to the help of generous hearts not only in the Dominican Republic, but also in Germany and the United States, they have been able to broaden the program for helping the children who – in addition to health services and nutrition – are offered educational services that allow them to receive basic education according to their level and ability.  Upon reaching the age of 5, the children are ready to attend primary elementary school.

Instill a religious atmosphere in the children

At the Nutrition Center, they also seek to instill a religious atmosphere in the children through catechesis, singing to Jesus and Mary, praying the Holy Rosary, and visits to the Shrine of Our Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen and Victress of Schoenstatt.

The wish of the Nutrition Center is for these children to remain united to the heart of Blessed Mary as was the infant Child Jesus; therefore, they have begun to offer baptismal preparation, opening up to them the doors for the way to God.

Due to the economic needs of the families to which these children belong, there is no demand for economic collaboration.  Only required is that the mothers come to help with the daily tasks of caring for the children, cleaning and maintenance, and the requirement that they attend workshops and educational meetings every two weeks.

Serving joyfully for 21 years

Given that the building serving as the Center is much too small for the number of children who need help, a new Center is being built on the property of the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary.  The first lady of the Dominican Republic – who has her own circle of the Pilgrim MTA – accepted this project as one of her works of charity.  Construction began in September of 2010, and it is expected to continue offering the same services in the new Center in mid 2011.

“For twenty-one years, we have been joyfully serving the children of La Victoria and surrounding areas, and we have fulfilled it thanks to the collaboration of many generous people.  We want to mention two different groups from the USA:  Penny Power and Semillas de Esperanza (Seeds of Hope) who, like the parish of the Nativity, not only help us in our mission with the children, but help their families and many other needy persons.”

If you wish to make a donation, you may contact us:

In Germany through:  Missionszentrale 
Berg Schoenstatt 2
56179 Vallendar
Tel.  261-6404-311

USA through:  The Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary
W284 N 404 Cherry Lane
Waukesha, WI 53188-9416
Tel.  262-522-4200

In the Dominican Republic:  Centro de Nutrición Niño Jesús
Villa Schoenstatt
La Victoria, Santo Domingo Norte, R.D.
Tel.  809-222-8131


Translation:  Carlos Cantú, Schoenstatt Family Federation, La Feria, Texas USA   12202011