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Día del Niño en la ermita de City Bell
ARGENTINA, Teresa Fiorucci • On Saturday, August 26th, Children’s Day was celebrated at the City Bell Wayside Shrine, a wayside shrine in the middle of the city, which, with all its grounds, its rooms and especially its Schoenstatt Family is at the service of the neighborhood. — It was a heavenly day. The Lord gave us the gift of a spring day. More than 200 children and 80 adults visited us. There were games, sausages, ice cream, popcorn and many delicious things. We received, in advance, many toys that weRead More
Ermita Nogoyá
ARGENTINA, Tita Ríos/Claudia Echenique • This Thursday, May 18, 2023, the Jubilee walk toward the 25th Anniversary of the Wayside Shrine of Our Lady of Schoenstatt in the city of Nogoyá, province of Entre Ríos began. On this covenant day, the pilgrims received a visit from the patroness of the place, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, and then they celebrated the Eucharist. Each month, on the 18th, they will prepare a special afternoon in preparation for the 25th anniversary, which they will celebrate on November 29th. — Many pilgrims cameRead More
La ermita de Goya, la ermita de Delia
ARGENTINA, Maria Fischer • “Delia, from the Wayside Shrine?” I asked Gabriela Sarquis, a member of the Board of Directors of the Casa del Niño, as we traveled to Florencio Varela and talked about everything that comes up during a trip of more than an hour. She spoke about the mother of a friend, Delia, and her commitment to Schoenstatt even in the Province of Corrientes … Yes, we indeed talked about “Delia of the Wayside Shrine”, who is remembered every year in Goya, along with her late husband, whenRead More
Bendición Casa de Cobijo
SPAIN, Soledad Menéndez and César Fernández-Quintanilla •  Life in Cuba today is a nightmare. A daily struggle for survival, with no prospect of change and for many with only one way out: to leave the country. Every day, thousands of Cubans try to escape this situation in different ways, some at the danger of their lives. Many arrive in Madrid. Without papers, without work, without money and often with a broken soul. Here they come into contact with Father Bladimir in very different ways. — Bladimir Navarro, Schoenstatt diocesan priest,Read More
PARAGUAY, Dionicia Martínez • The wayside shrine of the Mother Thrice Victorious of Schoenstatt, located in the San Miguel neighborhood of Cambyretá (in Guarani, Kambyretã, means “land of milk”) celebrated its fifth anniversary on January 6th, for which a Mass and a special remembrance were celebrated. As it coincided with Three Kings’ Day, a delicious snack and gifts for the children present were offered, as every year. — In an interview published a few days before the celebration on the Encarnación Mas website, Dagiana Bogado, the coordinator of the SchoenstattRead More
Madonna am Waldrand
GERMANY, Renate Siebenkäs / Maria Fischer •  When I learned about storytelling and oral history in my communication studies and then was amazed to discover how Father’s communication concept is based on telling real stories, I had to think of the “story of the crooked apple tree” and the “story of the little leg” with which my grandfather used to tell us children about the world, events, and even such difficult realities as physical disabilities; exciting, personal, touching, and real. — Good journalism does not necessarily require events or interviews.Read More
Peregrinacion Boca del tigre 3
ARGENTINA, Esther Rígoli-Claudia Echenique • Under the motto “Mother, thank you for your love,” the Thirtieth Pilgrimage of Gratitude was held on Sunday, November 20th, from Crespo to Boca del Tigre, in the Archdiocese of Paraná. The Blessed Mother showed her great closeness to each one of her covenant partners, who were grateful for her presence and responded to the call to be part of the road. — This year we perceived an incredibly special grace because more communities, villages and nearby cities joined us. In addition to the mainRead More
ermita Goya
ARGENTINA, Inés Petiti • On December 8th, the missionaries of the Diocese of Goya, once again said their Yes to the Schoenstatt Pilgrim MTA. — For another year they gave their feet, their hands, their hearts, their whole being, to take Jesus and his mother to the homes, asking for the prayer of the Holy Rosary. Under the gaze of Our Lady of Itatí, patroness of the province of Corrientes, on December 8, they renewed the task and mission of carrying the Pilgrim MTA, producing a new Visitation with eachRead More
Villa Devoto
ARGENTINA, Fr. Martín Clavijo • For several years, the parish of San Rafael in Villa Devoto, in whose parish church a picture of the Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt was placed on May 31, has celebrated Masses for the novena of their patron saint in a corner of the neighborhood. Nothing spectacular: a crossroads, a small house with an open door, a neighbor who lends a small table and a tablecloth, another who brings a few benches…But isn’t it often the small, the most insignificant that is the origin ofRead More
ARGENTINA, María Fischer • “Mom, look who I found… the Blessed Mother!”. The voice message “breathes” amazement and emotion. A young man, son of a Schoenstatter from Buenos Aires, who has known the Blessed Mother since he was born, was on a three-day excursion with some friends in the Sierra of Córdoba, specifically on the Cerro Champaquí, the highest peak in that province, with an altitude of 2790 m. They entered a cave and… there she was. — He sent some photos and a video to his mother, and everythingRead More