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Five years of the wayside shrine in Cambyretá

PARAGUAY, Dionicia Martínez •

The wayside shrine of the Mother Thrice Victorious of Schoenstatt, located in the San Miguel neighborhood of Cambyretá (in Guarani, Kambyretã, means “land of milk”) celebrated its fifth anniversary on January 6th, for which a Mass and a special remembrance were celebrated. As it coincided with Three Kings’ Day, a delicious snack and gifts for the children present were offered, as every year. —


In an interview published a few days before the celebration on the Encarnación Mas website, Dagiana Bogado, the coordinator of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign in Cambyretá, explained that it all began with four or five missionaries who were trained in Encarnación, where Schoenstatt is already very rooted and widespread. With the prayer of the rosary and their missionary giving of self, along with the community, they conquered the wayside shrine, where the feast of the Blessed Mother of Schoenstatt is celebrated every October 18th. Today, there are 21 missionaries, missioning with the modalities of family and serenity. There is no one who works more or less. Everyone collaborates, everyone puts their grain of sand, each one. They are all missionaries.


A celebration for the whole neighborhood

With much commitment and anticipation, the missionaries prepared everything – from the snack for the children to the birthday cake, the chairs, the flowers, the balloons… Much work, everyone doing something to help and to fulfill everything.

At the time of the celebration, the space around the wayside shrine was filled with many, many people, many children.

Nidia, a missionary, says that for her the Blessed Mother is everything, she says that she always protects and guides her in health, work, and in the families that she visits.

Everyone expressed gratitude to the Blessed Mother for such a beautiful moment that they experienced and with everything that only she knows how to work in each one of us.

It is not enough to tell what we have experienced in words. A missionary says that the graces that she gives us are impossible to describe.

Everything culminated with the Mass of thanksgiving celebrated by the pastor of the parish of Saint Michael, a priest who is very attached to the Campaign.

Cambyretá and its beautiful wayside shrine, only three kilometers from Encarnación, is worth a visit.


Original: Spanish. Translation: Maria Fischer

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