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Is there wayside shrine today? Yes, since forty-three years, and more and more

ARGENTINA, Teresa Fiorucci and María Fischer •

Is there wayside shrine today, a boy from the neighborhood asked Teresa Fiorucci – one of the leaders and co-founders of the Schoenstatt Wayside Shrine of City Bell – one day when he passed by the door of the grounds. He wanted to enter, because there he felt happy and content, first for the Blessed Mother and then for the people who collaborate and help the whole neighborhood of City Bell with spiritual, social, and material assistance. —

ermita City Bell

Catechesis, bookstore, American Fair, Masses, sacraments, craft fair, parties, people who have time to listen, reading and writing workshop, school support for children and youth, adult literacy, computer workshop, family catechesis, children’s day celebrations, living nativity scenes, Family Missions filming, pastoral support, even going out to the peripheries to visit a prison… all this is “wayside shrine”. Real life in covenant solidarity for several decades.

On Saturday, September 30, we celebrated the 43rd anniversary of the erection of the Wayside Shrine in City Bell. The Blessed Mother manifested herself as always in our beloved Land of Mary, giving all the participants of the celebration a day filled with joy and graces – with a birthday cake and a beautiful musical moment by two youths, Clara and Isidro.

momento musical

Encounter of spiritual communion, affinity, solidarity, and delicious things

After returning from the celebration, Ana Maria Romera wrote to the “stable group of the wayside shrine”, that is, to those who make it possible, from the “nothing without us”, that there is a wayside shrine, day by day.

“I want to congratulate the organizers and the Schoenstatt Wayside Shrine’s Stable Group, I participated in the celebration of the 43rd Anniversary and everything shined! I had been there years ago, at the inauguration of the Mural. I knew about the effort and dedication of the members of the Wayside Shrine, who make it a warm and welcoming place.

Everything was emotional, the reception, in that green park, impeccable; the welcome with words of gratitude and recognition to the founders, those present and those who accompanied from a little star.

The place, the multipurpose room, was very well decorated, with tablecloths and different tea sets for each table, and a beautiful little plant on each one of them.

A meeting of spiritual communion, affinity, solidarity and delicious things.

The touch of youth, life, joy and professionalism was given by Isidro and Clara, delighting us with songs, with their bass drum and guitar, with a very nice selection of songs.

There were also raffles and prizes, a nice chat with acquaintances, the birthday cake and the emotional words of Teresita, remembering the beginnings, the ideas that mobilized the founders, the growth and the constant dedication in the community and pastoral work.

Happy Birthday, Schoenstatt Wayside Shrine of City Bell.

There is wayside shrine today, and also tomorrow.

ermita City Bell

Original: Spanish. Translation: Maria Fischer

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