La ermita de Goya, la ermita de Delia

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She is commemorated every year in Goya: Maria Delia de Ferruchi has died

ARGENTINA, Maria Fischer •

“Delia, from the Wayside Shrine?” I asked Gabriela Sarquis, a member of the Board of Directors of the Casa del Niño, as we traveled to Florencio Varela and talked about everything that comes up during a trip of more than an hour. She spoke about the mother of a friend, Delia, and her commitment to Schoenstatt even in the Province of Corrientes … Yes, we indeed talked about “Delia of the Wayside Shrine”, who is remembered every year in Goya, along with her late husband, when the anniversary of the Wayside Shrine is celebrated. The world is a village, the world of Schoenstatt is a net… connecting Schoenstatters. —

Bendición de la ermita

Blessing of the Wayside Shrine, April 18, 1994

On April 18, 1994, the couple, Maria Delia and Juan Carlos Ferruchi, asked Father Jorge Torres, of the Itati Parish, to bless the picture of the Blessed Mother that they had placed on the corner of their property.

A few days after the 29th anniversary of the Wayside Shrine in Goya, we received the news of Maria Delia’s death.

“I want to tell you that Maria Delia de Ferruchi is in the House of the Lord,” said Inés Petiti, coordinator of the Rosary Campaign in Goya, Corrientes, on April 30th.

Sincere gratitude

“May her work, which she left with all her heart in this corner of Goya, a holy place of the Blessed Mother, a sign of her fidelity and love for God, always be blessed by our Lord, who has her and Juan Carlos close to Him,” writes Inés.

“Thank you, Maria Delia, for so much. You were the one who brought the picture of the Blessed Mother to this place, Perón Avenue and Avenida de los Trabajadores, and you asked Father Jorge Torres to bless it on that day, April 18, 1994, and you donated the space of the Wayside Shrine to the Schoenstatt Fathers, You worked so that Goya would have radio programs, so that the Blessed Mother would be better known, you worked so that the first five Pilgrim MTA’s would arrive, commissioned by Monsignor Stockler and Father Barboza at your request and at the request of the Schoenstatt Fathers. Barboza, at your request, and thus the Rosary Campaign was born in the Diocese of Goya on August 18, 1998.

Thank you, thank you, Maria Delia!

Rest in the peace of Jesus Christ and your mother Mary. Always in our hearts.”

“A very holy person,” says Gabriela Sarquis. “During a move, she gave me many small things that she had from Schoenstatt. Among them was a majolica that is in the Wayside Shrine of Barrancas de Belgrano. Nothing without you, nothing without us.


The Wayside Shrine of Barrancas de Belgrano

Original: Spanish. Translation: Maria Fischer


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