Documents on the world pilgrimage of the Father Symbol

Father Symbol

Commissioning of the Father Symbol – July 8, 2009


Official Letters

The Father Symbol World Pilgrimage – Organization

Team 2014 are trying to co-ordinate all dates requested by the various countries, so that this precious symbol can be passed on from continent to continent and from country to country.

All countries were invited to send the necessary information by May 31, 2009 regarding the period of time they would like to have the Father Symbol in their country.

Countries who have not yet done so can contact the team directly to arrange the availability of the Father Symbol.


Arrangements to welcome and pass on the Father Symbol lie with each individual country and should be carried out according to the outlines laid down by Conference 2014.

“Finally, we suggest that the Father Symbol, given to us by or founder, begins a world-wide pilgrimage in the near future. Centred around our father, we hope that our family can be purified, that it grows in unity and, in this way, is strengthened in its mission of service to our Church and society.

A full guarantee is required that the symbol will only be passed on from person to person.

The Father Symbol world pilgrimage is meant to promote the growing unity within the Schoenstatt Family. The pilgrimage can be followed via the internet by the entire family. Each country is therefore asked to send reports and photos of the welcoming celebrations, visits to the Shrines, and other events as soon as possible. Send here

Greetings and wishes to the Schoenstatt Family hosting the Father Symbol can be sent via the Father Symbol Itinerary page.