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Mary Cole, 2019, cleaning the altar of the Original Shrine
ENGLAND, editorial team • We knew she was sick, yet the news came as a surprise, when Father Bryan Cunningham informed and those who got the information forwarded it to so many others who had walked the way with Mary Cole: “Mary Cole died peacefully on Sunday 7th January 2024. Four of the friends who have been supporting and caring for Mary were with her when she died. It was only yesterday when Mary repeated to me: «It’s OK I am ready to go». — “She was ready in AugustRead More
Año Santo 2025
By Matěj Pur, Czech Men`s League •  A few years ago, the Italian theologian, Alexandra von Teuffenbach, revealed to the whole world a view of Father Kentenich’s exile. All of Schoenstatt protested that she was too one-sided in her work, and everyone knew that it wasn’t that bad. Some months ago, the Chilean professor, and Doctor of philosophy of the Men’s Federation, Ignacio Serrano del Pozo, of the Universidad Andrés Bello, has given an answer, published (in Spanish) in Teología y Vida 64/2 (2023), p 195-221[1]. Father Kentenich comes out better, butRead More
Schönstattkapelle in Katscher/
POLAND, Maria Fischer • This October marks 80 years since the first daughter shrine, the first faithful replica of the original shrine, was blessed. This Sunday, July 23, 2023, however, it will already be 90 years since the blessing of a chapel that looks confusingly like the Original Shrine. It stands in Kietrz, formerly Kascher, in Upper Silesia, and goes back to Blessed Father Richard Henkes of the Pallottine community. So discovered today, July 18, in an article in the news portal — The celebration of the 90th anniversaryRead More
Una visita al Santuario de Nueva Helvecia
ARGENTINA, Juan Barbosa • When I took my first steps in Schoenstatt in 1986, I was told that there were many shrines like the one in Villa Warcalde, Córdoba (Shrine of Solidarity, inaugurated in 1968), but one was very special because it was the first. Through the initiative of the Sisters of Mary, the Shrine of Nueva Helvecia, Uruguay, has poured out its graces since 1943. A great love story with our Mother Thrice Admirable and so far from the Original Shrine! — As always…Mary surprises us at every moment!Read More
Espiritu Santo

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Soul of my soul

By Manuel de la Barreda, Madrid, Spain •  “Soul of my Soul.” This is what Fr. Kentenich calls the Holy Spirit in his prayer (Heavenwards, 639), the defender promised by Jesus Christ to the apostles (Jn 16:7), who will make them understand the whole teaching of Christ and through him they will be able to perform great wonders. “These are the signs that will accompany those who believe: In my name they’ll drive out demons, they’ll speak in new languages, and they’ll pick up snakes with their hands. Even ifRead More
Mahnmal Dachau
GERMANY, Maria Fischer • Actually, the whole thing is quite synodal. So, it fits in Fulda and under the patronage of Bishop Dr. Michael Gerber. “When voices of times and Kentenich listen to each other,” was an intertitle in the announcement of the premiere in October 2022 in Schoenstatt. Listening to one another, that is synodal Church, that is synodal being Christians, that is what makes the Disney movie “Amen. Francis responds” (Amén. Francisco responde) so wonderfully provocative and so provocatively wonderful. — Sexual identity, abortion, migration, abuse, loss ofRead More
Fr. Elmar Busse • If you look at publications about Father Joseph Kentenich with qualitative content analysis methods from communication science or marketing keyword research, you will find the snow-white beard as a brand or logo and as keywords: “speedy canonization”, “always”, and since 2020: “abuse”. In the following series of articles, we would like to take a different look at Kentenich: neither the one with the bushy beard, nor the candidate for canonization, nor the one suspected of abuse of power or spiritual abuse. — After the very positiveRead More
P. Elmar Busse • If one approaches the publications about Father Joseph Kentenich with the methods of qualitative content analysis from communication science or keyword research from marketing, then one finds the snow-white beard of Kentenich as a figurative mark or logo, as keywords: “soon to be canonized”, “always”, and since 2020: “abuse”. In the following series of articles, we would like to take a different look at Kentenich – neither the bearded St. Nicholas, nor the candidate for canonization, nor the one suspected of abuse of power or spiritualRead More
On the threshold of a new stage in Schoenstatt’s history – Fr. Alejandro Blanco, General Secretary of the International Schoenstatt Priests’ Federation •  As an impulse and invitation to reflect, dream, study and listen together to the voice of the God of history, Prof. Alejandro Blanco, General Secretary of the International Federation of Schoenstatt Priests, following the suspension of the beatification process for Fr. Kentenich, offered this text in which he highlights the opportunity that we have to modify or even change accents, priorities and emphases in our serviceRead More
Foto: Pedro Dillinger
Letter of Fr. Juan Pablo Catoggio to the Schoenstatt Family •  “A beatification and canonization is not an end in itself. Perhaps the Blessed Mother wants us to commit ourselves more to the mission of our Founder and the fruitfulness of his charism in the Church for our times”, says Fr. Juan Pablo Catoggio, President of the International Schoenstatt Presidency, in a letter addressed to the Schoenstatt Family. We publish the complete text. —   Read More