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Today Pedro Fadul Niella, from Asunción, Paraguay answers: He belongs to the Family Federation and is a businessman and politician. He is also a founding member of Fundación DEQUENI [DEQUENI Foundation], a founding member of Foundation in Covenant, founder of the “Patria Querida” [Beloved Nation] Party, and a race car driver. He answers with “Comments…towards response and proposals,” adding: “Of course, as a good disobedient follower of Jesus, Ignatius of Loyola and Father Kentenich, I did not directly answer any of your questions.” Here goes!” • I do not haveRead More
My name is Manuel de la Barreda Mingot. I have been married for twenty-four years to Lourdes Navarro, and we have four children ages 22, 20, 18, and 8. The third one, Javier, has Down syndrome and he is adopted • We have been a part of the Madrid Family League for sixteen years. We formed a life group with couples who are friends of ours and we have been able to keep it stable until now with few changes. We made our Covenant of Love in 2003 with partRead More
Chile, by Bárbara Brain • From the title to daily practice, things changed in the Santiago Church last April with the appointment of a couple to a post that is usually occupied by a priest. The Family Pastoral vicariate is presently the “episcopal delegates” – yes, plural – for the Family Pastoral, and it is no long the vicariate, but the Episcopal Delegation in this field, although its function and status remain intact. José Manuel Borgoño and Mónica Undurraga are the couple in charge of this task. They have beenRead More
GERMANY, Memholz, Maria Fischer • “Much that we start here is something Schoenstatt has done for a long time”, Auxiliary Bishop Florian Wörner remarked after the introductory round in the afternoon of 18 May in the large hall of the Schoenstatt Centre in Memholz. It was after 33 members of the Schoenstatt Movement had introduced themselves and what they were doing. Auxiliary Bishop Wörner of Augsburg is the director of the Institute for New Evangelisation in the diocese, so his reaction was more than a nice summary or praise, butRead More
ARGENTINA, La Plata, Ricardo Moro • During this year, the Family from the La Plata Archdiocese will have a double celebration: on one hand we will celebrate the first fifty years since the blessing of our Freedom Shrine, and on the other hand, the first fifty years of the Father and Founder’s freedom from his exile in Milwaukee.  A celebration that could be triple, because fifty years ago, it was the Archbishop of La Plata, who in addition to building and blessing the Shrine, ordained the first Schoenstatt Fathers.  Therefore weRead More

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PARAGUAY, Tuparenda, Fr. Antonio Cosp • The “secret” of all growth is synergy. It is valid for a company, a school, a university. Also for a Movement like Schoenstatt. We define it Not wanting is a quote from M. Weatley, an expert on organization: “Action precedes planning, because it is what creates the favorable atmosphere for each one’s initiative under the attentive and motivating gaze of the one who is responsible. To leave bureaucracy and to live in an organization aware that it knows how to embrace all that isRead More
PARAGUAY, by José Aníbal Argüello, Lala Pires Ferreiro, María Ester Cáceres, Gabriela Bolaños y Maria Fischer • Father’s Pilgrim MTA went on mission…When Father Heinz Kuenster, who is in charge of Father’s Pilgrim MTA, celebrated his 90th birthday, Monina Crivelli, a great friend of “Herr Pastor” took the opportunity to ask him, once again, for Father’s Pilgrim MTA, taking advantage of Maria Fischer’s trip to Paraguay and Argentina. When Joao Pozzobon found out about his friend Brother German Arendes’ trip to Schoenstatt, in March 1968, he gave him two PilgrimRead More
Rome, Belmonte, by Maria Fischer • The best part is at the beginning: several minutes of original shots of Father Joseph Kentenich’s visit to the grounds of Belmonte in 1965 or 1966, when a great deal of imagination was needed to figure out that a Shrine and house for workshops would someday be on this hidden land, and that Schoenstatt would selflessly and humbly offer its richness to the Church. Great imagination or great faith and still a greater vision! His vision! The best part is at the beginning andRead More