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Renate Dell, 102 Jahre alt
GERMANY, Renate Siebenkäs • On this Pentecost Monday – in the German Church a second Pentecost Day, in the universal Church the Marian feast “Mary, Mother of the Church” – not only the Church celebrates her birthday, but also our Schoenstatter, Renate Lell. On Pentecost Monday, May 20, she looked back on 102 years and on the entire development of our Schoenstatt Center Marienberg, which she actively helped to shape. Always full of energy! — It is with joy and gratitude that the Schoenstatt Family of the Archdiocese of BambergRead More
Encarnación, primera palada
PARAGUAY, Sonia and Johnny Zaracho • The Municipality of Encarnación has donated a piece of land to the Institute of the Schoenstatt Fathers, and now it is time to build on it, physically and spiritually. The project is already well defined in stages. — One of the first stages of the project is the construction of multipurpose rooms with sanitary facilities. The “groundbreaking ceremony” took place on Sunday, April 14th, in the presence of the Bishop of Itapúa, Francisco Javier Pistilli, who initiated the event, accompanied by a large andRead More
EUROPE, Jaroslava Danielová • “I really felt at home” this weekend from May 3rd to fifth in the Schoenstatt Center near Ingolstadt. Together with my husband, I was part of this year’s meeting of the European Forum of Schoenstatt Families. Ten families from seven European countries, Schoenstatt Fathers and Sisters of Mary experienced a unique community. — We began with Holy Mass in the shrine. The opening dinner was very special. Traditionally, each country brings typical dishes. As I like spicy food, I was particularly pleased with the specialties fromRead More
Retiro en Mallorca
SPAIN, César Fernández-Quintanilla •  When we talk about Mallorca, we all think of coves with crystal clear water, beautiful mountain villages surrounded by olive trees, luxury yachts? and its beautiful cathedral. And indeed, when I returned to the island last weekend, I found all that wonderful world again. But I also found something else. — The small Schoenstatt Family from Mallorca had organized a Pentecost retreat. José María García, who travels every year for this occasion, and with the help of some couples and youth from Madrid, we experienced anRead More
El Salvador
EL SALVADOR, Florencia Couto • The Schoenstatt Movement in El Salvador is experiencing a boost in all the branches, and especially in the couples. Thanks to a series of activities, both spirituality and attachments have deepened. — The visit of Father Raimundo Costa, a Chilean Schoenstatt Father based in Costa Rica and advisor to the movement for El Salvador, was a milestone in the Central American country. Each of the meetings was inspiring and the couples who belong to the movement have rekindled their commitment. A domestic church On Tuesday,Read More
CHILE, Editorial Team •  José María Fuentes, member of the Men’s Federation in Chile, submitted a working document to prepared at the request of the National Presidency of Schoenstatt Chile. The document’s purpose was to encourage reflection on the 75th anniversary of the “31st of May.” Exactly, 31st of May 1949 – that important moment in the history of Schoenstatt that even after 75 years apparently resists being understood or communicated well (it is enough to ask to speak about the event and/or its message or importance withoutRead More
Heiligtum Marienberg
GERMANY, Renate Siebenkäs • On the feast of the “Patrona Bavariae”, the patron saint of Bavaria, the Blessed Mother received a large number of guests in the Shrine of Unity on the Marienberg (Mount Mary) in Schesslitz/Bamberg. During the Mass, the faithful were shown how contagious trust can be. I just have to open myself to it. The sermon highlighted one aspect of how confidence can be gained and transmitted – with very simple means: with a kind look. — Diocesan President Fr. Martin Emge greeted the approximately 500 faithful,Read More
El 01 de mayo de 2024, Schoenstatt Bolivia cumple 50 años
BOLIVIA, Lucy Copaja de Jiménez • This is a jubilee year for the Schoenstatt Family in La Paz, Bolivia because we celebrate with enormous gratitude the passage of God in our history, since that first of May 1974 when the Schoenstatt Movement was founded, with the presence of the Spanish priest Father Felix Civor and a small group of young Bolivians open to God’s call, with a simple, almost naive faith. — Achumani – where it all started Schoenstatt began in Achumani, on a small piece of land donated byRead More
Jornada sobre el santuario corazon en El Salvador
El Salvador, Florencia Couto • In a fast-paced and often superficial world, Father Raimundo Costa, Movement advisor for El Salvador, kindly invites us to rediscover the depth of the Heart Shrine, a vital teaching proposed by Father Kentenich. — The Schoenstatt Shrine came about because of a real need, and it shows up in all kinds of different ways. The Original Shrine, which is in Germany, is the place where the movement started with Mary’s Covenant of Love. Around that, about 200 Daughter Shrines have been set up all overRead More
Ordenación Mendoza
ARGENTINA, AICA / editorial team • With the motto “Do whatever He tells you”, Deacon Agustín Ozcoidi received his priestly ordination this Saturday from the hands of the Archbishop of Mendoza, Monsignor Marcelo Colombo, in the parish of Our Lady of Sorrows, in the city of Mendoza. — “Born in this Church of Mendoza, which is celebrating its 90th anniversary, in its rich network of gifts and charisms of institutions and movements, Agustín heard the call of God in the Schoenstatt family and gave his yes to the personal invitationRead More