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“Culture of encounter is a covenant culture that creates solidarity.”

Pope Francis, Audience 25/10/2015

Through Fr. Kentenich’s communication style (narrating real stories) we serve the life of the International Schoenstatt Family and the Church by promoting bonds of solidarity

covenant culture

and offer this service as a witness

culture of encounter is a communication project — a free and independent initiative that follows the style Fr. Joseph Kentenich cultivated from the start with his MTA magazine.

From its beginning, has worked at the service of the international life of the Schoenstatt Family and does not aim to be the official organ of any organization or community.

This medium relies on a team of collaborators from five continents and those who have roles of responsibility include Schoenstatt members, experts, academics and professionals from the communications sector who, in their personal capacity, evaluate both the content and its communicational quality.


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José Aníbal Argüello, Asunción; Carlos Cantú, La Feria; Sandra L. Lezcano, Asunción; Eduardo Shelley, Monterrey; Silvia Sibay de Losada, Tucumán; Federico Bauml, Roma; Juan Carlos Vázquez, Asunción; José Cravo, Lisboa; Pamela Fabiano, Roma; Melissa Janknegt, Elgin; Tita Andras, Viena; Carmen Rogers, Santiago; Cássio Leal, Sao Paulo; Cristina “Kiki” Tagle, Santiago; Ana Souberlich, Asunción; Lena Castro, Lisboa; Agustín Lombardi, Guarapuava; Lilita y Carlos Ricciardi, La Plata; Gabriela De la Garza Maldonado, Monterrey; Hermes Ntabiriho, Bujumbura; P. Esteban Casquero, Daireaux; Estela Franco, Asunción; Carlos Barrio, Buenos Aires; P. Pedro Kühlcke, Tuparenda; P. Rolando Montes, Cuba; Monina Crivelli, Buenos Aires; Cristina White, Buenos Aires, Manuel de la Barreda Mingot, Madrid; Chalo Vega, San José, P. Afonso Wosny, Sao Paulo; Pamela Fabiano, Roma; Horacio Chavez, San Lorenzo; Melissa Rossatti, Caieiras; Michelle Ramírez, San José; Roberto González, Asunción; Sonia y Johnny Zaracho, Encarnación;  and the  “dreamteam” of

Hundreds of free correspondents in 24 countries.


Monina Crivelli, Buenos Aires, Argentinien

Please send articles and photos for publication only to this address: [email protected] Authors are responsable for their publications. Anonymous publication is not allowed except in the case of personal testimonies. Articles with acronyms come from the editorial staff.

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