Joseph Kentenich Pedagogical Centers

The Joseph Kentenich Pedagogical Centers have the task of promoting – in different confines of society – a pedagogy which responds to the modern challenges, and to help those who are daily faced with the mission of being architects of a new world…a more human, solidary, and spiritual world.

Through talks, publications, assistance to schools, educators, parents and families, these Pedagogical Centers want to help forge an educational community having as a basis a pedagogy which responds to the needs of the present times.

The Pedagogical Centers want to transmit the light they have discovered in Father Kentenich to other educators, parents of families, and other institutions; and thus help to contribute to that change which they so desire for Latin America and the world.  They will achieve this through the pedagogical proposals of Joseph Kentenich in constant dialogue with reality, and with the main sciences which deal with educational problems.

First meeting of leaders of Pedagogical Centers of Latin America

Uniting our strengths!

The Kentenich Pedagogical Centers are already a reality in several countries: Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, and Brazil.

With the primary objective of sharing treasures and getting to know the strong points of each one of the Centers, the first conference for Kentenich Pedagogical Centers took place in August of 2009 in New Schoenstatt, Florencio Varela, Argentina.  Representatives from the Kentenich Pedagogical Centers from some Latin American countries participated:  Ecuador, Chile, Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil.  It was a special time where they shared dreams and inspirations.  Therefore, the participants worked out the following declaration:

  • We are grateful to God and Blessed Mother for having gathered us and for being able to support this desire in common.
  • We recognize this conference as a milestone in the pedagogical reflection concerning our Father and the history of our centers.
  • We are conscious that the future of this unity in diversity needs the strong cultivation of spirit, interpretation of the signs of the times, and a dynamic structure that will permit it.
  • We ask our respective leadership commissions to consider the intention of our associating, generating a common space which will make articulation possible and a greater development for each one of our centers – present and future – respecting their originality, ideas and projects.

Translation:  Carlos Cantú, Schoenstatt Family Federation, La Feria, Texas USA  07302011