Virtual Retreat: Fr. Nicholas

Father Nicholas“Javier, did you ever think that this service would be extended through several Catholic websites as a way to make Father Kentenich’s thinking known to people? Amazed with all this success…and going for more.” Father Antonio Cosp, director of the Schoenstatt Movement in Paraguay, made this thirty word comment thereby uniting two favorite subjects regarding Schoenstatt in his country: making Schoenstatt known – the Covenant of Love, the Shrine, Father Kentenich – and communication -generally using the Internet and the media to evangelize. Reflections of Father Nicolás, a publication of an online virtual retreat published twice monthly and whose subscribers are growing daily, is one such example.

Father Nicolás Schwizer is a Swiss Schoenstatt Father who worked for many years in the Schoenstatt Movement in Paraguay. Since surviving a serious highway accident in 2000, where he suffered an irreversible brain injury that left him no longer able work, he still continues contributing to the Capital of Grace for the Work of the Father to whom he dedicated his life.

On November 20, 2007, the news, which was excellently edited by Nieves de Martin on Zenit, was published and 24 hours later…there were 300 new subscriptions. A disabled Schoenstatt Father evangelizes via the Internet: More than 1,500 people have received Father Nicolás Schwizer’s talks, which are presently distributed in Spanish, English, Portuguese, and German to more than 1,500 people worldwide. “Father Nicolás continues preaching via Internet” was the title of one of the first articles on related to this initiative that captured the attention of journalists as well as the readers. A priest, who is totally committed to the work of evangelization, a priest, who as a result of a terrible accident lost the ability to speak and preach, who offers up his pain; a group of lay people who open up new avenues so that he can continue preaching, and a strong increase in subscriptions within and outside of the Schoenstatt Movement: this is a story that could be a movie about motivation for evangelization through the new media. However, this is not a movie; it is a true story.

Now we also joyfully offer the virtual retreats of Father Nicolás Schwizer – written by Javier Cabral of the Family Federation in Paraguay – via our web page.

Virtual Retreats vía e-mail

There is also a free service that sends the bi-monthly Reflections via Internet in four languages: Spanish, Portuguese, English, and German. If you would like to subscribe, you may do so from this page or send a request to

Reflections of Father Nicolas Schwizer published

224 PN Conjugal Dialog

223 PN Mary Leads Us To Acknowledge Our Smallness

222 PN The Multiplication of Loaves

221 PN Basic Universal Law of Love

220 PN The Faith Which Saves Us

219 PN Healthily Rooted to Things

218 PN Christ Lives Among Us

217 PN Apostle, Instrument for Someone Else

216 PN Ascension of the Lord

215 PN Today You Will Be with Me in Paradise

214 PN The Son of Man Will Be Raised up

213 PN The Samaritan Woman

212 PN St. Pauls Conversion and Acceptance

211 PN Confession Sacrament of Love and Joy

210 PN Annunciation

209 PN The Grain of Wheat That Dies

208 PN The Tree and Its Fruits

207 PN Our Transfiguration

206 PN Incredulity

205 PN Mary Reveals to Us the Father in his Son

204 PN God with us Joseph and Mary

203 PN The Hour of Cana and of the Cross 

202 PN Holy Thursday Old and New Covenant 

201 PN The Will of the Father 

200 PN The Faithful Virgin 

199 PN The Holy Innocents

198 PN Vatican Council II Responses to the Challenges of Today

197 PN Childlikeness

196 PN Human And Divine Criteria

195 PN Life Beyond The Dignity of Woman

194 PN The Faith of Saint Thomas

193 PN Pentecost

192 PN Freedom from Imperfections and from What Is Dangerous

191 PN The New Paschal Man

190 PN Love and Law Responsibility for Ones Neighbor

189 PN To Love Your Enemy

188 PN Mary Model of Our Love and Faithfulness for the Church

187 PN The Sacrament of Matrimony


185 PN Magisterial Function of the Family

184 PN Priestly Function of the Family

183 PN Assumption of Mary

182 PN Blessed Mary and the Love for God the Father

181 PN Mother of Holy Hope

180 PN Mary Symbol of the Holy Spirit

179 PN Two Kinds of Joy

178 PN Educating the Emotions and Feelings

177 PN Magnanimous

176 PN Free

175 PN Vocation to the Imitation of Christ

174 PN Fear or Confidence

173 PN Family Community of Hearts

172 PN Eternal Youth

171 PN Vessel and Harp of the Holy Spirit

170 PN Love Ones Enemies

169 PN Difficulties in Searching for the Truth

168 PN Spirit Holy Dove and Water

167 PN The Crosses of Sanctity

166 PN The Meaning of Guilt and Weakness

165 The Triune God, center of our life

164 he called and the chosen

163 Mary and Evangelization

162 Called to be apostles

161 Joseph Engling

160 The Construction of New Society

159 The mass man

158 Poverty

157 Holy Spirit: Soul of my Soul

156 Heavenwaards

155 Spirit of Victory

154 The Heart Shrine

153 Do not Worry oy Be Anxious!

152 The Fruitfulness of January 20th

151 Mary, Model of the Servant Church

150 To seek the truth

149 Hidden Inner Interior Resources

148 Small and Poor

147 Treasure in Heaven

146 The Our Father

145 Jesus Division and Contradiction

144 Mary Full of Love

143 Recognizing Christ

142 Double Love

141 Magnificat

140 The Group of the Twelve

139 The forgiveness

138 Understanding love

137 Practical Faith in Divine Providencie

136 Four ways of love for Christ

135 Like shep without a shepherd

134 Testimony of John the Baptist

133 Light of the world

132 Eucharist, Sacrament of unity

131 Mary, Symbol of the Holy Spirit

130 The Word of God and our response

129 The good Shepherd

128 To love Jesus Christ

127 Teach us to pray

126 Do we protect ourselves from God´s Word?

125 To grow in attachment to God the Father

124 The lepers

123 Some obstacles on the way to family santity

122 Family co-responsability

121 Matrimony and divorce

120 Mary and the renewal of the Church

119 Salvation is decided in practice

118 Priests in the home

117 Family dialogue

116 Our home, a Shrine

115 Prayer for inner healing

115 Inner healing of hurts

114 The odor of the barrel

113 Our rats

112 The reality of the limitations in our life

111 Eagles or chickens

110 Marriage

109 Foundation for a new society

108 Spirit of the Cenacle

107 Mary´s visitation

106 Always Mother

105 Mary at the foot of the cross

104 To accompany Jesus

103 The spouse as a way towards God

102 Free of my own self

101 The mission of witness the ideal of family

100 External Apostolate

98 Some familiar virtues

97 Mission: Family

96 The evangelical counsel: Poverty

95 Bees or beetles

94 Followers and admirers of Christ

93 The spirit of the marriage covenant

92 Some points for growing in the spiritual life

91 Suffering and the cross

90 Obstacles on the way to the father

89 Mother of the Holy Hope

88 Does the devil exist?

87 Authority in the Church

86 Rules for married dialog – II

85 Rules for married dialog – I

84 The Sacred Heart and our heart

83 Towards our own Ascension

82 Marriage is a vocation

81 We need Christ

80 The betrayal of Judas

79 Blessed are you

78 Solidarity

77 The prayer of Jesus

76 Our Everyday miracles

75 Different men and women

74 Gods Epiphany through Us

73 A Strange birth

72 The Immaculata, Model for the new man

71 Emotional maturity

70 Comunity of the Saints

69 Dialog o Marital Fight?

68 What is Prayer?

67 Education for Purity

66 The storms of our life

65 The best of Jesus gifts

64 Spirit of the Holy Family

63 Of hysterics and hummingbirds

62 Every christian is a missionary

61 The Mass is a banquet

60 The Holy Spirit and Mary

59 The will

58 Is Mary competition for Christ

57 The joy of Easter

56 What part do we play

55 The second conversion

54 To know that God loves us

53 Difficulties for generational dialog

52 Are we hypocrites or servants

51 Joyful or depressed

50 To strive for peace

49 Family model and foundation of society

48 Purity

47 The humble man is not nervous

46 On the way to sanctity

45 The Family, a covenant community and a community of love

44 The instrument

43 Authority and obedience

42 God’s ways of love

41 The growth of our married love

40 Patience

39 The free man

38 Our Christian faith

37 The ways to the heart of the Father

36 Respect between parents and children

35 Preparation for family life

34 Lay spirituality

33 Attitude with vocations

32 Joy

31 Fear of the cross

30 Lent Death and Life

29 How to counteract temptations

28 The three temptations

27 Family community

26 Inner peace

25 Christmas Light Joy gift

24 The apostolate of being

23 Rooted in the Father and Founder

22 Exterior slavery and no to the apostolate

21 Apostles of the Covenant of Love

20 Infantilism

19 The new presence of the Father and Founder

18 Married dialog

17 Attachment to things

16 The weak point

15 Sanctity of marriage

14 The Home Shrine

13 From ideal love to real love

12 The importance of the parent in authority and personal dignity

11 Our disposition to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit

10 To be a mother

09 The demons of married life

08 Marian strategy

07 Crosses we seek ourselves

06 Put the house in order

05 The sick God´s favorites

04 The palm tree of Port Said

03 The Mystery of January 20th, 1942

02 The golden Schoenstatter

01 What does being a child before God consist of?