Motto and Logo

The motto that will guide us to 2014 is:


Your Covenant our mission

This motto was suggested during the Experts’ Meeting and was also mentioned in the contest. It emphasizes the covenant as the “essence of our Family” which becomes our mission, and simultaneously commits us to the key feature of our mission, that which Father Kentenich gave to the Church and world: the covenant.

LogoThe logo– design by María Cecilia Avilés from Ecuador – responds to the currents of life we want to live during this time leading up the centenary of the Covenant, according to the message of the Conference 2014

  • The power of the shrine in all of its dimensions, represented by the shrine. This shrine has the Cross of the hero sodalists, as a symbol of their surrender and as a motivation so that we give ourselves completely to Schoenstatt as they did.

  • The currents of life going out from the shrine which unite us as a Family and flow throughout the world, transforming it.

  • The world, representing the place where we want to live and act in the covenant to create a Covenant Culture in it.

The colors of the logo match with those of the official Schoenstatt logo, except the red.