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Kikí y Guillermo Tagle
By Fr. Hubert Vonlanthen, Schoenstatt Federation of Priests, from Fribourg/Switzerland • The heartfelt tribute to the recently deceased Kikí Quiroz by the editor, Ms. Maria Fischer, has moved me, Hubert Vonlanthen, member of the Schoenstatt Federation of Priests and priest in charge of the Shrine in Fribourg, Switzerland, and has prompted me to take up the “pen”. — Thank you very much, Mrs. Fischer, for giving us such a vivid and fresh view of Kiki’s extraordinary personality through her personal correspondence. My first encounter with Kiki and Guillermo My personalRead More
Incendios Chile - Screenshot
CHILE, Rafael Mascayano • In these days, the Region of Valparaiso, Chile, has suffered the dramatic situation of fires that have claimed the lives of more than 50 people, and the destruction of entire villages, houses and buildings. Numerous people have had to evacuate due to the danger of the fires affecting their homes and also compromised by the heat and smoke as a consequence of these events. — Unfortunately, the high temperatures caused by climate change are mixed with human intentionality in causing these fires. Given this reality, manyRead More
Hermanos de Maria
ORIGINAL SHRINE, Roberto M. González •  Schoenstatt and the Church rejoice when a young layman decides to consecrate his life in the midst of the world, because today it is not easy to understand this decision and especially to take the risk of living as a Schoenstatt Brother of Mary. The Family of the Brothers of Mary, in a simple but touching ceremony, received a new novice into their community. — On January 20, 2024, Ignacio Suazo, a Chilean sociologist, was admitted to the Novitiate of the Secular Institute ofRead More
P. Francisco Pereira
CHILE, interview to Fr. Francisco Pereira, by Álvaro Valenzuela P. • The Community of Schoenstatt Fathers and the Schoenstatt Movement in Chile in general, received with surprise during the beginning of October the great decision made by Father Francisco “Pancho” Pereira. After twenty years as Pastoral Director of the Maria Ayuda Corporation, he decided to step aside and take on new challenges. He says he is very happy with what he has done in these two decades and very hopeful with the challenges that this important institution has to face,Read More
La Serena
CHILE, Press Office of the Archdiocese of La Serena • The celebration, presided by Archbishop René Rebolledo Salinas, was attended by many faithful, including the director of the Schoenstatt Movement, Father Gonzalo Illanes, Father Dikson Yáñez Pizarro, pastor of the parish of “Santísima Trinidad” in Alto Peñuelas, and many religious. — The celebration began with a procession in which the different branches of the Movement participated with their characteristic banners, along with members of the parish community and the religious dance group ” Madre de la Montaña”. How God isRead More
Campamento Yevide
CHILE, Verónica Morandé • During the long summer vacations, the migrant families of the Yevide migrant camp continue to work while their children are on school vacation; they are forced to leave their children alone, without an entertaining activity. To help them, we organized a “mosaic workshop” for them. — We obtained materials from the hardware store of the sons of one of our directors and faced the new challenge. In this workshop worked Ignacio, our director; Eliana, social worker of our community “Maria en el Camino”, who contributed withRead More
CHILE, José Manuel Velasco Jouanne / María Fernanda Barreiros •  Humbly and gratefully, in this testimony we want to reflect on the generosity of Divine Providence, which used every tool at the right time so that we could all act together in favor of the Campaign, whose goal was to bring warmth and hope to 25 families who lost everything in the fires last February in Santa Juana. — As the Family Movement of Montahue, we were on the scene after the fires and were ready to help the localRead More
Father Ikechukwu Stanley Damian Ukasoanya
NIGERIA, Maria Fischer • On Friday, August 5, while Pope Francis was praying the Stations of the Cross with thousands of young people in Lisbon, linking the sacrifice of Jesus for all of us to the wounds and frailties of young people today – A Via Crucis for the Frailties of Young People -, a young man in Nigeria was taken to the hospital. He is a priest, ordained just a year ago, who is eager to serve the Church in his country and is well prepared to work forRead More
Tomás Carrasco Cortés, nuevo obispo de Calama
CHILE, / Fr. José Luis Correa • Pope Francis has appointed as bishop of Calama the priest Tomás Abel Carrasco Cortés, until now pastor of La Sagrada Familia in the city of Los Angeles and advisor to the Madrugadores. — The priest Tomás Abel Carrasco Cortés, was born on November 13, 1970 in El Huachi, rural sector of Santa Bárbara, Biobío region; being the third of six siblings. He received his elementary education in a rural school in Santa Barbara and his secondary education in the Liceo A-59 ofRead More
CHILE, Susy Jacob (Vínculo Magazine) • With only 41 years and 7 years as a priest, Fr. Gonzalo Illanes has just assumed with enthusiasm and joy the task of leading the life of the Schoenstatt Movement throughout our country. Previously, he had been in charge as vicar in the parish of San Cayetano de La Legua, advisor of the Boys’ Youth in Temuco, advisor of the Family Branch in Valdivia and national advisor of the Boys’ Youth. — He acknowledges that he received his appointment with surprise, as it wasRead More