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A renewed missionary commitment in Goya

ARGENTINA, Inés Petiti •

On December 8th, the missionaries of the Diocese of Goya, once again said their Yes to the Schoenstatt Pilgrim MTA. —

For another year they gave their feet, their hands, their hearts, their whole being, to take Jesus and his mother to the homes, asking for the prayer of the Holy Rosary.

Under the gaze of Our Lady of Itatí, patroness of the province of Corrientes, on December 8, they renewed the task and mission of carrying the Pilgrim MTA, producing a new Visitation with each arrival.

A few days before, they began some preparations with the painting of the prayer space of the wayside shrine of Goya, thanks to the generosity of the Blessed Mother’s children. They continued to make the Blessed Mother’s space beautiful. Thanks to Mr. Nicolini Toti, who in spite of the very high temperatures in Goya, gave his time to beautify the wayside shrine.

This wayside shrine – especially linked to the Original Shrine by a roof tile, among other details – reflects in every detail the commitment and love of the missionaries of the Rosary Campaign and of so many people who receive the visit of the Pilgrim MTA.

ermita Goya

Wayside shrine Goya

Wayside shrine Goya

Original: Spanish. Translation: Maria Fischer

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