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Martha Liotti, missionary for hundreds of babies in danger of dying

ARGENTINA, Maria Fischer •

“Without a doubt, it was a powerful experience that was given to the Blessed Mother in the light of my faith,” wrote Martha Liotti on the day of the blessing of the Schoenstatt Shrine in Corrientes. “It is with great emotion that I remember the beginnings of the modality for babies and children at risk, represented in the Shrine by the only white cross, a testimony of the faith of the parents of Ezequiel, a little angel who accompanies us every day”. The Shrine was erected near this white cross, in memory of Ezekiel, a baby who was visited by the “Little Pilgrim MTA”, a small Pilgrim MTA for babies whose lives are in danger. Together with her beloved husband, who died a few years ago, Ezekiel surely received Martha at the gates of heaven on March 22nd.

“For some time, her health had been gradually deteriorating. Yesterday, March 22nd, she returned to God the Father and I am sure that the Blessed Mother will receive her,” writes Debora Gago, mother of Martina, a “life-threatened baby” who was visited by the Little Pilgrim MTA when she was struggling for her life. Today, Debora is a missionary of this modality of the Campaign and together with her husband, Nito, they are very active in the Family Work of Corrientes. “True to her style, she asked her group of mothers to say goodbye with joy and to sing “Mary of the Covenant”, and they did. Beyond the enormous pain that we feel, we pray and trust that her life of great apostolic fruitfulness has opened the doors of heaven for her”.

La Peregrinita visitando a una beba

The Little Pilgrim MTA visiting a little girl

The book Martha must write

Martha Liotti, 2017 en Buenos Aires

Martha Liotti, 2017 in Buenos Aires

Much could be written about Martha, about how the Holy Spirit inspired her to this modality of the Campaign in 1999, when her grandson, Patricio, was born prematurely with a very guarded prognosis. Many articles on tell the story of Martha Liotti’s apostolate for almost 25 years, and each of these true stories has a personal touch, with the names of the babies and their parents, their needs and fears. The social commitment that is an essential part of the “Campañita”, which has expanded over the years to other parts of Argentina and beyond, such as Paraguay, Mexico and Germany, is conveyed in silence.

It was before the pandemic. One of my visits to Argentina coincided with Martha’s visit to Buenos Aires, and we decided to meet together with Monina Crivelli, who had introduced us years before, in a café in Recoleta for a “cafecito”. A “cafecito” that lasted 6 hours while Martha told one real story after another. A year later, we met again in a café in Belgrano, closer to where she lived with her son, since it was already difficult for her to move. When we said goodbye, I asked Martha to write a book about the Campañita, with all the stories… and she complied with an article. There is nothing better to write about her than what she herself has written.

With great gratitude for having met Martha Liotti, we republish this article.

Bonds of hope in encounters on the way

ARGENTINA, Martha Liotti, founder of the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother Rosary Campaign for Babies and Children at Risk 

An encounter can happen anywhere — in a supermarket, a beauty salon, a party, a retreat center, or simply in your own home. Twenty years after the beginning of the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother Rosary Campaign for Babies and Children at Risk, I allow myself to write in first person and publish my testimony, my encounters, to demonstrate the bonds that Mother’s presence deepens in the families of little children that receive the Pilgrim MTA and who are consecrated to her.  —

Bebe en riesgo de vida

In Nuevo Tabor Wayside Shrine

Nuevo Tabor Wayside Shrine, the chosen spiritual center of this mission, is the site where the first shrine in the Corrientes Province of (Argentina) will be erected. There I met with Rocío Aymará, now twelve years old, whose baptism I attended in this very place. It was the first time the sacrament had been celebrated there. Her mother remembered the Pilgrim Mother’s emotional visit and how much her presence helped at a time when her infant daughter was fighting for her life.

Also there, in that wayside shrine, little Florencia and Morena came up to hug me. Along with their grandfather, Carlos, they never miss the 18th of the month to thank the Blessed Mother for the blessings they received. Roque Antonio, like a little rascal his age, also filled my heart with love and more. A young girl quickly pulled up cellphone pictures of her little sister, Magali, to show me: “Look at how beautiful she is now, she is already 10 years old!”

En la ermita

Meeting at the wayside shrine

In the beauty salon, at the market

In the beauty salon on a spring afternoon, a woman with a great big smile approached, hugged me, and had me look at a cellphone picture of Gonzalo. In the picture, he is 18 year old and at his high school graduation. Remember, she told me, “how I was so small, I was at his birth, and how distraught I was! I never forget how much everything changed with the arrival of the little Schoenstatt Blessed Mother and the consecration of my young son to her Immaculate Heart!”

Between the stands at the market, I ran into a couple who embraced me with great warmth. “How wonderful to see you again after so many years,” they both said at once. They live in a town about seventy-five miles from the capital. Their second son, Facundo, is already 19 years old. He received the Pilgrim Mother when he was born at seven months, weighing 2 pounds 10 ounces, and with a low chance of survival. He spent two months in a neonatal unit of a clinic in this city, always guarded by the little Mother, to whom he was consecrated.

Martha Liotti con Martina


With Martina (pictured), it is special. I am close friends with her and her parents. Of course, I couldn’t miss her 15th birthday celebration.

But also, an encounter can be in your own home, when on just any morning the doorbell rings, and on opening the door, you see a 16-year-old girl and her mother, who explain the reason for their visit. “Milagros insisted that we come,” said the mother. The daughter, Milagros, added, “I wanted to meet the person who, without being family, stayed close by the hospital where I was born with the Blessed Mother’s image and prayed for me with my parents.” Already a little family and near the Home Shrine, we gave thanks together for the gift of Milagros’ life, born just weighing a little shy of 2 pounds 2 ounces, with a very slim chance of survival. The family is from Loreto, a town 116 miles from the city, a journey of 2.5 hours. The big hug and kisses from Milagros were a bit painful, but worth it, as she told me, “I met you at last.”

Faith, the gift received from God, becomes the vehicle in which we risk traveling on every road, creating bonds of hope during difficult moments, because of the love that unites us.

Original publication

The day after her death, a collaborator of from El Salvador asked for prayers for the six-week-old grandson of a friend, because he has a heart murmur and will have to undergo a cardiac catheterization. As always, I placed the baby’s name at the feet of my little Pilgrim MTA for Babies at Risk (whom she visits virtually). I spontaneously asked Martha for her intercession ….

Thank you, Martha, for your missionary life. Your mission continues in us and from heaven.

Martha Liotti

Original: Spanish. Translation: Maria Fischer

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