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Peace in the heights

CHILE, Beatriz Letelier •

Up in the mountains, high in the cordillera, peace unites two Latin American brother countries. Chile and Argentina celebrated a new anniversary of the unveiling of the monument to Christ the Redeemer, on the border between Chile and Argentina, at 3854 m above sea level, a symbol that reminds us that on March 13, 1904, 120 years ago, peace and friendship were sealed between the two countries. —

Chileans and Argentineans, mainly, have been going up to Christ the Redeemer on the third Saturday of March for 49 years, with the desire to renew this peace agreement and also inspired by the words of the young Chilean Mario Hiriart, member of the Brothers of Mary Secular Institute, civil engineer, in the process of beatification, who said: “We will build a shrine in the Andes as a symbol of peace and unity of our communities and our hearts”.

Cristo Redentor

Queen of Peace

When we arrived at the Christ, we found that there was a commemorative act in which delegations from both countries were participating. It was a great gift for all of us to be present at that moment and to be able to participate in the ceremony that was taking place.

At the end of the celebration we went to the wayside shrine that is there and renewed the crowning of our beloved Blessed Mother as “Queen of Peace”, in the midst of the strong wind that was blowing in the place.

Then we celebrated mass in a Salesian chapel of the place, in which about 60 people participated, with a grateful heart and excited to be able to share with our Argentinean brothers.  The mass was prepared with much affection and the choir that set our hearts on fire deserves special mention. The celebration continued with a moment of sharing among us.

I am sure that we all have some stories to tell and we are grateful for having lived this precious experience.

You are all invited to next year’s celebration of the 50th anniversary of this pilgrimage.

Cristo Redentor


Roberto Seguel, Chilean: “To go on pilgrimage to Christ the Redeemer of the Andes is to relive the ideals for which we have worked for so long: peace and unity of peoples and hearts, to prove that we are not alone”.

Andrés Manresa, Argentinean: “The reason that leads me to go on pilgrimage to Christ the Redeemer is the certainty that peace and unity between the peoples of Argentina and Chile is given by feeling that we are children of God the Father. And as children we must share, pray together, embrace each other and rejoice in the encounter. The Virgin summons us and protects us, she, the mediator of all graces, always takes care of us.

It is also to follow the longing of Mario Hiriart, a layman like us, who followed Christ in the midst of the world.

Every year that we gather at Christ the Redeemer to renew the crowning of the Blessed Mother, we are representing this living shrine in the Andes, a symbol of the unity of our communities and our hearts.

Cristo Redentor

Original: Spanish. Translation: Marcela Fernandez, Toronto, Canada

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