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25 años de, fiesta en City Bell
ARGENTINA, Lilita and Carlos Ricciardi • Last October 12th – the anniversary of the passing away of Fr. Esteban Uriburu – was also the 25th anniversary of the first article published by SCHOENSTATT.ORG. Taking advantage of the visit to Argentina of Maria Fischer, coordinator and founder of this media, a celebration was organized with the leaders of the City Bell Wayside Shrine on the occasion of such a joyful event. — First of all, we want to highlight the reception by Teresa Fiorucci and her team of collaborators, who hadRead More
COMMUNICATION ACCORDING TO JOSEPH KENTENICH’S EXAMPLE, Maria Fischer .    “So that you can tell your son and grandson” (Ex 10:2). Life creates history. That is the theme Pope Francis has chosen for the World Communication Day. “By choosing this theme, taken from a passage in the Book of Exodus, Pope Francis underlines how particularly precious is the patrimony of memory in communications. The Pope has emphasized many times that there is no future without being rooted in the lived history. He has helped us understand that memory is notRead More
PK4U, Glaucia Ramirez • Glaucia Ramírez, a Brazilian, lives in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay. She and her husband are members of the first course of Family Federation in this region. A few months ago, she joined the team of collaborators. It is understood that a certain amount of madness is necessary to work with this adventure…This is how Glaucia offered to make a one-thousand-kilometer trip through all of Paraguay, just to meet the managing director of But it became a special encounter with Fr. Kentenich, with theRead More
Marcelo Luzardi, Paraguay, for Tupãrenda Magazine • Maria Fischer is coordinator for the well-known site, – Schoenstatters online.  We make use of her passing through Paraguay to listen to her points of view. We could say that you are a frequent visitor in our country.  How do you see Paraguay developing? This is the third time I have visited Paraguay.  The first time, I was invited by Fr. Antonio Cosp to experience its Movement with its projects and ministries that we shared sometime ago with the entire International SchoenstattRead More
Dear readers and followers of, The purpose of this letter is to share with all of you some of our reflections and concerns, but above all to thank you for following us and giving meaning to what we do. Data collected over the last two years shows that has more than 360,000 readers in 196 countries on five continents who have accessed almost 1,700,000 pages on the website in its five languages.  These are impressive figures that encourage all those who are behind the page: a large teamRead More
By Maria Fischer with Renate Siebenkäs • When Fr. Kentenich founded the MTA Magazine almost 101 years ago, at the “forefront of a style of communication in the spirit of the Vatican Council II” (Prof. Dr. Westerbarkey), he relied entirely on active readers, free and strong personalities who do not just consume news.  Instead, they seek to establish dialogue, choose news, take ownership of what is relevant to them based on their personal mission, connect it with their own experiences, allow themselves to be inspired in order to commit themselvesRead More
CHILE, Maria Fischer with Manuel Izquierdo • REC. Record.  In Spanish we say “to record (to tape),” but we all know that one has to press the button “REC” to record/tape a memory, a true story, an interview, a video, an audio… We all know it, and we cannot imagine life without the REC button.  REC is the name that some youths have given to an evangelization project in the digital era: REC, Razón en Cristo (Reason in Christ). Razón en Cristo emerged in 2014 as a project of studentsRead More
ITALY, by Federico Bauml and Pamela Fabiano • 18 September 2016, is an important date for the Schoenstatt Family since it marks the return of the Italian website to the International Youths’ challenge for’s Italian website At the end of July, the Italian website was no longer up-dated due to an unforeseen shortage of translators of goodwill to translate news received in other languages and because of a lack of Italian news editors. Well, after many meetings, conversations, and above all, after the excitement of the World YouthRead More
By Maria Fischer • “Dear Maria, forgive me, but I have to stop translating for a time, doctor’s orders. I wanted to let you know so that you can organize articles with someone one else. Finally, I cannot continue to translate ‘Dietro i passi di Padre Kentenich…’ (“Father Kentenich’s footsteps”). I am very sorry, but for now, it is impossible… A warm embrace, Maria” On 5 July that was the last email I received from Maria Tedeschi, that great ally, fighter, unconditional collaborator and loyal friend, who not only translatedRead More
By The Most Reverend Manuel Camilo Vial Risopatron, Chile • On August 1st, collaborators and those responsible for joyfully received an inspiring and motivational message from the Most Reverend Manuel Camilo Vial Risopatron, a Schoenstatt Father from Chile’s first generation, Bishop Emeritus of the Temuco Diocese, President of the Chilean Episcopal Conference Social Area, and a member of the Pastoral Commission.  Because truly, all who share their real life stories and all those who visit website are collaborators, we want to share this greeting with everyone. Dear BrothersRead More