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Dear readers and followers of,

The purpose of this letter is to share with all of you some of our reflections and concerns, but above all to thank you for following us and giving meaning to what we do.

Data collected over the last two years shows that has more than 360,000 readers in 196 countries on five continents who have accessed almost 1,700,000 pages on the website in its five languages.  These are impressive figures that encourage all those who are behind the page: a large team of collaborators throughout the world – Schoenstatters, IT specialists, academics and media professionals who, in their personal capacity assess the content and its communicational quality. This is a responsible commitment that is made freely.

Last weekend (from 10 to 12 February 2017) the second official meeting of the base team took place on the outskirts of Madrid (Spain).  Its purpose was to assess the work of the last two years, look at ourselves critically, discover areas for improvement and above all, plan for the future so that we do not let down our readers, all of you who follow us faithfully.  All this demands much of us.

We verified that the most read stories by our followers are stories of life that touch hearts and, in a simple way through the testimony of so many people, help us to understand the meaning of our own lives. These are real stories that are widely encompassing and share life, sow hopes and dreams and facilitate new projects and initiatives to emerge freely.

Now, as we look to the future, we are very aware of the challenges that face us. We want to encounter them with great strength and confidence, we want to be daring and not settle for what we have, we want to get out of our comfort zones, take risks and ensure that our Communication Project continues to reach every place, touching hearts and creating a real and fruitful network of Schoenstatters throughout the world whose hearts beat as one.

The road ahead is not easy, but dreams and yearning are not lacking. We need all of you. You are a fundamental part of this initiative, and with the grace of the Holy Spirit and the hand of our Mother Thrice Admirable, we are certain that we will reach the new shore.

Warm Greetings,

Juan Zaforas on behalf of the base team


Original: Spanish, 18.02.2017. Translation: Sarah-Pimentel, Cape Town, South Africa

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  1. Joe Yank says:

    Fr Carlos Boskamp used to tell us years ago that to really know Schoenstatt you have to know the International Schoenstatt. He used to keep touch with people in many other countries by telephone and travel. He would have loved to have this media to work with. Thank you so much for bringing the Schoenstatt International Family into our very own homeshrines! Mphcev – Joe and Judy Yank – Star of the Sea, Hope of the Future homeshrine

  2. Il am a member o Schoenstatt for the last 50 years I live in Perth Amboy New Jersey United States of America and I love reading Schoenstatt news from all over the world

  3. Philomena Theseira says:

    Keep up the great work. I love reading your newsletter. It inspires me and makes me feel conntected to all Schoenstatters around the world (I am writing from Perth, Western Australia). I especially like the stories from the people in South America. They are amazing with all the things they do to promote our Blessed Mother. God Bless all Schoenstatters!

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