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By Pablo d’Amico – OBSERVATIONS FROM SEATTLE (1) • Dear Schoenstatt Friends: If we take “Let us Walk Families, let us continue to walk” by Maria Fischer published on 10 April, referring to the Exhortation “Amoris Laetitia” about love within the family, we find words of love, the language of which touches us interiorly in a simple way, concrete words of life experience. Fr. Guillermo Carmona (National Director of the Schoenstatt Movement of Argentina) explains it clearly in his Covenant letter about “The Family, God’s dream”: He says, it couldRead More
From Fr Antonio Cosp, Tuparenda, Paraguay/Editors • As a reader of this website you know the rich life the collaborators of collect week after week. This amazing life would remain hidden from many if we didn’t have this website, which characterises itself with a certain pride as “MTA reloaded”. Here we can discover what Fr Kentenich thought about communication, and what he did about it. MTA reloaded MTA reloaded: This refers to the MTA magazine that celebrated its centenary on 5 March. A few weeks after Schoenstatt’s foundationRead More
UNITED STATES, by Pablo Luis D’Amico, an Argentinean who lives at Seattle, United States • I learned about Schoenstatt several years ago (when I was dating), when my wife Laura’s mother told us about her conversations with Fr. Esteban Uriburu; she invited us to pray a Rosary at New Schoenstatt, Florencio Varela… The years passed, we married and Celina (our 15 year daughter) arrived and once again Schoenstatt appeared through the Santa Catalina [St.Catherine] Parish (in the middle of downtown Buenos Aires: Fr. Rafael Braun, the year 2007). Then theRead More
By Juan Zaforas, Sarah-Leah Pimentel and Maria Fischer • A year has gone by, making it a good time remember what Pope Francis told us during the meeting with the Schoenstatt Movement on the centenary of its founding. It became one of the main projects that the team began to work on immediately after the audience: to copy, edit, correct, translate, publish the audience text on, as a well-designed pamphlet and as a book and e-book – the latter in collaboration with Nueva Patris, Santiago – to spreadRead More
PARAGUAY, María Fischer • We were almost leaving, bidding farewell once again to this young and a struggling mother, who can barely speak Spanish, but at least she understands our language better than we understand her Guaraní. We understood the pride and gratitude of her gestures when she showed us her garden, her plants, and above all her little house, which is very small but clean and painted a light turquoise. While her daughter, Luz, a timid little girl, with difficulty moving her hands and feet, simply smiled and lookedRead More
ARGENTINA – Claudia Echenique and Cecilia Mata • Rejoice, Mary! This is how the article that was published at on September 8, 2004, began, and this is when the phrase “translated to Italian by María Tedeschi” first appeared. Since then and thanks to the numerous articles María has translated from the city of La Plata, the Italian section of the website has been a great contribution to the growth of the Schoenstatt Family in Italy. On Monday, 11 May, María turned 90 years old, and she continues to translate.Read More
PARAGUAY, Fr. Antonio Cosp, National Movement Director• Maria Fischer visited the Schoenstatt Movement in Paraguay as part of her holidays. She visited four diocese in 15 days: Encarnación, Ciudad del Este, Asunción and S. Lorenzo. She also went on pilgrimage to three shrines. She experienced a typical Paraguayan Holy Week in Tupãrenda. Her conferences elicited the interest of many and were highly acclaimed. I invited Maria with the idea that she could demonstrate the Kentenich style of communication she focused on in her studies; which indeed happened in each ofRead More
Dear friend of, We have started a new phase in this communication project which relies on a large number of collaborators spread throughout five continents who, operating as a network and thanks to technology, make it possible for this dream to become a reality with worldwide reach in five languages. There are so many things that unite us and many stories that have been lived and shared in the more than ten years since the adventure began with its eyes set on 2014. Today, there are many moreRead More
SPAIN, Juan Zaforas. Dear readers of, allow me to share a beautiful story with you that took place last weekend in a small place near Madrid (Spain).        Read More