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Maria Fischer in Paraguay

PARAGUAY, Fr. Antonio Cosp, National Movement Director•

Maria Fischer visited the Schoenstatt Movement in Paraguay as part of her holidays. She visited four diocese in 15 days: Encarnación, Ciudad del Este, Asunción and S. Lorenzo. She also went on pilgrimage to three shrines. She experienced a typical Paraguayan Holy Week in Tupãrenda. Her conferences elicited the interest of many and were highly acclaimed.

I invited Maria with the idea that she could demonstrate the Kentenich style of communication she focused on in her studies; which indeed happened in each of the cities she visited. We were surprised by her fluent Spanish and depth of her reflections as she also discussed other topics that emerged from the life currents within the Family. It was as if she wasn’t translating but could think in Spanish.

Even though the people of Paraguay are naturally warm, I got the impression that she captured everyone’s heart with her sincere and enthusiastic love.

Despite the intense work and the many contacts made, it seems that this was a good holiday. From the bottom of my heart, I thank Maria and the Blessed Mother for the instrument she has chosen.

Fr. Antonio Cosp

National Movement Director


Video produced by the Communication Team of San Lorenzo

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